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PlayStation 5: The Future Of Gaming Live Stream And Discussion

PlayStation 5: The Future of Gaming event will kick-off on June 11th at 1:00 P.M. PDT / 9:00 P.M. BST / 10:00 P.M. CEST. And if you want to see what games are to appear at said event, we have you covered. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s official website, new info on next-gen games will appear soon.

You can also use this piece as a discussion board to share your opinions and ideas or thoughts on the following show. In other words, much like the Open Discussion series that appears on OAG, you can either stay on topic or stray off-topic.

If you want to learn more about the games to surface at the PlayStation 5: The Future Of Gaming event or if you are curious as to what the PS5 has in store, you can head on over to

For those of you wanting to know where you can watch the show, know that it’s currently on a list of social media platforms. This means the usual places such as Twitch and YouTube have the live stream up as seen below:

As mentioned above, you can tune-in through any of the given platforms whether it be on PC, console, or mobile. Also, you can simply watch the event right here through YouTube via IGN:

After Sony made it on the list of Traitors of America on multiple accounts, Sid Shuman — senior director and SIE content communications — took to to say that the digital showcase in question will run around an hour in length. Shuman also added the following:

“Now that the event is confirmed for June 11, I wanted to add that this pre-taped program will be broadcast at 1080p and 30 frames per second. This eased the show’s production process during a time when many of our team and developers are working from home. The games you’ll see on Thursday will look even better when you play them on PS5 with a 4K TV, as you’d expect.”

More importantly, are you going to watch the PlayStation 5: The Future of Gaming event? If so, you can tune into Sony’s upcoming PS5 games event, which will air on June 4th at 1:00 P.M. PDT / 9:00 P.M. BST / 10:00 P.M. CEST via Twitch and YouTube.

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