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1624031cookie-checkSeventh Tips to Maximize Daily Ragnarok X Next Generation for Newbie

Seventh Tips to Maximize Daily Ragnarok X Next Generation for Newbie

Confused about what you need to do every day in Ragnarok X Next Generation? Check the following tips so that you can maximize your daily work!

Grinding and farming are inherent in MMORPGs, starting from raising your character’s level cap, to getting the drop of items you want from monsters.

The same is of course also true in Ragnarok X Next Generation Mobile. This game has a daily feature that you can use for various things, such as getting EXP for level-ups, Zeny to buy goods from NPCs, coins that can be exchanged for useful items, and materials obtained from life skills.

If you are new to playing Ragnarok X, WE will give you some tips to maximize Daily for newbie players.

Tips to Maximize Daily Ragnarok X Next Generation For Newbie

1. Work on the Mission Board

Mission Board Ragnarok X.

Here in Ragnarok X Next Generation, you will be given 10 missions that will get rewards in the form of EXP, Zeny, and Odin’s blessing. These missions range from collecting materials to fighting monsters.

Every day, this mission will be reset in the morning at 05.00 WIB. You can also get double rewards on some additional missions and quests. So, don’t forget to do the Mission Board!

2. Ragnarok X Next Generation – CoC Missions

Misi CoC Ragnarok X.

This mission is divided into three types and you can choose one of them to carry out the CoC mission. The mission consists of 10 quests and you will be asked to collect some items requested by the NPC.

After that, you will get coins according to the type of mission you choose. Don’t worry, if you forget or intentionally don’t do the CoC mission that day, it will stack to the next day. The maximum stack you can get is 7.

3. Instance

Dungeon di Ragnarok X.

This feature is a dungeon that requires you to form a team to fight the Boss three times per day. The higher the level, you will be able to fight higher Bosses. There are two levels of difficulty namely, normal and hard.

Each level has a different reward. Details, normal for armor equipment and hard for weapons and accessories. If you can, choose the hard difficulty level, because the rewards you get are more.

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Try to be cooperative with your party. Because, the higher the level, the more difficult the mechanics will be. If you have completed the instance and the reward you get does not match the job class you have chosen, you can sell it to an exchange center or dismantle which will later become coins.

4. Guild Order

Guild Order Ragnarok X.

When you have opened the guild feature, it would be nice for you to join or create a guild. Because when you enter the guild, there will be a guild order menu. Not much different from the CoC mission, you will be asked to collect materials and submit them.

Every day, there will be eight missions that you can do. You can also add more missions by paying 1,000 crystals for one mission. When finished, you will earn guild contribution coins which can be used to purchase purple tier equipment or increase your stats.

5. Fishing Contest in Ragnarok X Next Generation

Mancing mania mantap!

This mission is fairly easy. You will later be given 10 baits to find fish that are included in the ranking. Every day the fish that enter the ranking list will be different. You just need to find one and then give it to NPC Xavier.

There are 10 chances to find a fish that has a high score. You will get 10 fish coins if you successfully complete it. If you are lucky enough to be included in the ranking list, there will be additional rewards that will be sent via mail and reset the next day.

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You can use these fish coins to buy automatic fishing rods or costumes. So, you can buy automatic fishing rods every two days, or collect them to buy costumes.

6. Odin’s Blessing

Odin's Blessing Ragnarok X.

Every day, you will get two thousand Odin’s Blessing. You can use it to do AFK farming. Odin’s blessing will provide benefits, such as drop rate, Zeny, and EXP five times.

You need to know, the portion of using Odin’s Blessing is different according to the size of the monster. There are three types of monster sizes, namely, small, medium, and large. For small, Odin’s Blessing points will decrease by one, a medium will decrease by two, and large will decrease by three.

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To get Odin’s Blessing, you can press the icon to the right of your character bar, then it will appear as shown above.

For more optimal use of Odin’s Blessing, you can see the image below. As you can see the base level EXP and job level EXP of monsters are different.

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If you are aiming for a base level you can choose a monster that gives a large base level EXP. Likewise for job levels or you want to increase the opportunity to drop rare ones like cards.

7. Life Skills

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After farming AFK using Odin’s Blessing, the points will be converted into stamina. You can also use it to do life skills, such as fishing and mining.

There are several life skills that you can do like the picture above. Life skills can also be leveled up in ways such as mining. Later there will be EXP needed to be able to level up. The reward you get from leveling up is the opportunity to mine higher materials.

Those are seven tips from us for newbie players so they can maximize Daily Ragnarok X Next Generation. Hope you can have fun!

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