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Preview: Dinosaurs in The Unbound Jurassic World Evolution 2

In Jurassic World Evolution 2, a whole new era has entered the so-called Neo-Jurassic Age, which marks the reintroduction of dinosaurs to this world. Following the events of the latest film, Jurassic World 2018: Falling Kingdom, our great reptiles now live with us humans, frolicking around the grassy meadows of Earth, sparkling deserts, and the backyards of suburban family houses.

Return of Dinosaurs:

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Although Jurassic World Evolution 2 recently escaped, it wants you to bring the dinosaurs back to the wild and, to stay in line with the previous game, you have to construct a vast dinosaur wildlife park. After a two-hour preview, it is fascinating to observe what adjustments Frontier made to the dinosaur focused management sim, particularly in light of the popularity of the studio’s other thematic creature park sim, Planet Zoo. Sure, king penguins and meerkats are adorable, but I have in my heart a particular spot for ancient reptiles from another era.

What Will Happen Next:

Jurassic World Evolution 2

A poacher ring has just been broken in the first chapter of the campaign, and I need to find the hazardous dinosaurs currently in the wild and construct an area nearby to keep them and cure them. Two Carnotaurus roam over the central place to build a gated cabinet fast and add a control centre, an operating response facility, and power generators. It’s time to search for the second dinosaur that has fled, which means leave the centre and wildly pursue it.

Therefore, this chapter is placed in the icy mountains of Washington. Driving operates as usual, but you may exit the park this time and explore the nearby countryside.

Following a tracker on the top of the screen and listening with guidance to characters from films, I drive the jeep in the heavily snow-covered forest. Finally, the snow makes things easier and reveals a vast open region with herds of various dinosaurs roaming leisurely. Seeing brontosaurus and triceratops in the wild is fantastic. Together with travelling through the natural landscape of Washington, it provides a hint of fresh air for the follow-up.

After the missing dinosaur is found, the furious allosaur stumps the woods, the game changes in helicopter mode so that I may reassure the fierce beast and take it back to the wildlife centre. The allosaurus is badly affected by a big break while thrashing in the wild, so it requires care. Instead of installing a unique all-healing juice on dinosaurs in an enclosure such as in the first game, you have to scan the dinosaur and then transfer it to a paleo-medical centre where assigned experts can cure it.

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How I View The Game:

Jurassic World Evolution 2

I wanted to examine how the allosaurus worked, and I zoomed closer in to look at him more clearly. I first saw that the dinosaur looked like a lifetime and was covered with bleeding scratches, which had to be quickly healed. Frontier rightfully boasted about how realistic their creatures in Planet Zoo appear, and it seems that the dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution have been treated similarly. They are the most beautiful dinosaurs I have seen in the games by far. It’s not only how they appear; it’s also unbelievable how they move. If you zoom into a dinosaur while it walks around, the screen shakes with every step. It’s beautiful.

I’m leaving Washington for the sun-kissed mountains of Canada to see the challenge mode of Jurassic World Evolution 2. I need to create a park from the ground up and get a 5-star rating, including fossil extraction, research and guest construction.

Challenge mode enables you to delve into the dino gene pool of Jurassic World Evolution, with 75 distinct species. The two newest additions to the reptile lineup are the flying and marine dinosaurs, as requested by Jurassic World. Unfortunately, the preview did not take much time to examine either new species, but it was exciting to look at the lagoon size you need to create for marine dinosaurs.

Elden Ring: Exploring The Free Open World

Even with a few additional structures, there is not much park customization yet. There is just one type of buildings and visitor attraction, and there’s not much to do with park decorating. Frontier seems to have chosen not to include the colourful park settings in Planet Coaster or Planet Zoo but to maintain the design of the Jurassic World Evolution parks following the films.

One aspect that could not be played in the preview but has significant potential is the mode of Chaos Theory. It is a game component that allows players to experience famous “what if” events from the films in Jurassic Park, such as John Hammond’s ambition to exhibit the tyrannosaur rex in an arena in San Diego. It is not apparent how this mode is going to play, but it sounds cool as heck. Jurassic World Evolution 2 includes a sandbox mode designed for individuals who want to be creative without any stress (as if operating a park full of reptiles that devour people was not stressful enough).

Worth For The Wait?

Jurassic World Evolution 2 will be released on November 9, 2021, and while much of the management and customization remains the same, Frontier dinos have received a significant boost. Seeing herds of these giant animals in the wild from a jeep is fantastic. It has a lot to do with the original Jurassic Park film when you first see the dinosaurs, and how Frontier managed to capture this moment is extremely specific to gamers.

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