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5 Reasons Why WordPress Became So Popular

Whenever you hear about building a website, you head to WordPress. Whenever an IT company is looking for developers, a recruiter would ask candidates whether they have any experience with WordPress. And you may wonder when did this platform get so popular?

The answer to your question is simple — in 2003, upon its release. But a proper question would be not when but why this hub became so popular. For almost twenty years, it has remained one of the best content management systems. Among thousands of ‘do homework for me’ platforms, students are more likely to use the ones made on WordPress. Even if you think about updating your page, most likely, someone will advise you to utilize WordPress for it. 

Is the platform that good? In brief — yes, WordPress is that good. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been utilized by more than 40% of the top websites around the globe. But before starting to use it, you should learn the benefits.

Maybe you have some specific needs that others don’t have. Maybe other platforms offer things that cannot be found on WordPress. Maybe the terms of use will not fit you. But it’s also possible that the hub will become your best choice when you learn the five reasons why it became so popular.

It’s Free

You will have to pay something for using tools to build your website when working with other platforms. As for WordPress, it is absolutely free. You don’t have to spend a dime downloading their software and utilizing it for your website. Thus, you’re going to get your new website or update your old one ultimately free of charge. 

However, you will need web hosting for your page. And that’s something that WordPress won’t provide you with. But you can use the hub’s blog to find a hosting provider. Here’s where a common misconception that the hub is nothing but a blogging page is debunked: on their hosting providers’ list, you can find one as cheap as $3 per month. 

It’s Easy to Customize

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You can easily customize your website as the platform has thousands of plugins and themes at your disposal. You may hire a designing team to work on your website, but it may cost you around $10,000 per month. And there’s always a possibility that you will run into creative differences. 

Using WordPress, you can do it without spending a cent and the way you want without having to argue with a designer. Thus, you won’t run into any problems. 

Besides, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to do that. The thousands of templates are extremely easy to use and apply. You can change colors and the background, create sliders, and upload a logo. So, there’s no need to be a rocket scientist to use the most popular content management system. 

Pick the plugins and templates to create or update whatever website you need. Be it an online store, a business page, a blog page, or a website for a school or college – you can do it. And if you feel lost, you can always consult the WP blogs on how to use their plugins and templates. 

It’s SEO-Friendly

One of the most important things to consider when creating your website is how high it’s going to rank in search engines. Yes, you can achieve it by using proper keywords for the content on it, but a lot of things depend on codes and semantic markups that make the page more attractive for the search engines. 

If you use WordPress, you don’t have to spend hours learning how to optimize your web page so it can rank higher. The hub is written using high-quality code, which makes lots of search engines, Google included, adore the content management platform and all the things created via it. 

Thus, using the platform guarantees that your website will rank higher than others. Moreover, you can use the hub’s SEO plugins to optimize your already existing page. This means you can push your page to the top of the search engines ranks, even if it wasn’t created via the hub originally. 

And, as usual, if the word combination “SEO optimization” says nothing to you, you can check one of the thousands of articles on the topic on the WP blog. There, you will find all the information on what SEO optimization is and why it is important and get useful advice on how to enhance it. 

It’s Easy to Update

Another thing to keep in mind when building your web page is that certain plugins will require updates. You may also need to update the theme or the logo of the website. All in all, there are lots and lots of things you should manage. And using WordPress makes things easier for you. 

The hub has a built-in updates management system. All you have to do is to go to the admin dashboard and update any plugin or theme you want. But here comes another question, how to learn when to update? The famous content management system makes things easier for you again. It notifies you whenever the new version of a plugin is available.

It’s Secure

The last but probably the most important thing to consider when building your site is security. The hub provides you with a safe and secure platform to run your website. That doesn’t give a 100% guarantee, as hackers find new ways to attack the pages. Yet, you can find great advice on how to enhance security in one of the WP blog articles. 


So, let’s check what we have here. You can build a page from scratch absolutely for free. You can customize it and update it whenever you need it, and search engines will love it. You can get all that using WordPress, and that’s probably why the hub is so popular around the web.

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