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1714271cookie-checkThe Future of Computing: Emerging Technologies and Their Potential Impact on Education

The Future of Computing: Emerging Technologies and Their Potential Impact on Education

The educational system draws criticism quite frequently. While its role in the social development of the students is difficult to argue. After all, you can’t integrate into society without kindergartens, schools, and colleges. However, the knowledge you get while studying may turn out to be obsolete by the time you graduate. But gladly, emerging technologies are here to help you.


When we discuss emerging technologies, we are not just addressing the evolution of assignment services. Around thirty years ago, you had to contact them via phone. Today, you can simply google something like “write essay online,” find this suitable service, order your paper from it, and receive it back in just a few hours. Moreover, modern advancements allow you to communicate directly with the author of your essay, ensuring you get submittable material.


But that’s more about how to trick the educational system, than how to make it better. The system was shaken in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. It turned out that most educational institutions weren’t flexible enough to face the challenges. This has led to reevaluating other things that can and should be changed about the educational system. 


  • Implementation of distance education
  • Enhancement of accessibility
  • Implementation of technology
  • Gamification


Being able to hold classes online was crucial during the lockdowns. Students needed access to classes regardless of their location. Needless to say, all that was impossible without the implementation of technology. As for gamification, more and more educational institutions are getting into it, ‘cause who said that education must be boring? But let’s check out what else the future has in store for education. 

Virtual Reality

Just think for a moment, what prevents you from understanding a certain subject? You can’t experience certain aspects of it. Yes, it is one thing to understand something theoretically, but experiencing something is an entirely different thing. For example, understanding the language and having a dialogue with a random native speaker are polar opposites. Is there a way to solve it?


Virtual reality is here to help you. VR can help you learn things while interacting with the 3D world. But think about how virtual reality can help you with exam preparation. You stress out anticipating the exam. Think how smoothly things can go, if you go through several simulations of the test. You can check out how well you know the material, and find out on which aspects you should work harder on. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing made a lot of things way easier. You no longer have to use USB drives or any physical storage to get access to certain materials. Thanks to cloud computing, you can get access to anything you need from any corner of the world. Cloud computing is widely used for work, but it starts getting implemented in education, which enhances distance learning.


We don’t know when another pandemic that will force us into lockdowns will strike again. That’s why all educational institutions must be prepared so that students won’t be able to go to the libraries to get necessary materials for their research or be present at tests or exams. Cloud computing allows professors to share the necessary materials with students, and students can do the tests online, and share the results with professors online. 

3D Printing

3D printing comes close to VR, as it also allows you to experience something that you learn from textbooks. When it comes to virtual reality, you can experience something that you learn in — tautology alert! — virtual reality. 3D printing allows you to print whatever you were learning. Basically, with 3D printing, you can turn almost any theoretical concept into reality. 


3D printing is already frequently used in various higher learning institutions to allow engineers and designers to create prototypes for the demonstration of the final projects. In certain cases, the prototypes can be used in the final product. As for the schools, 3D printing can come in handy in school projects. It makes the whole process of preparing your school projects faster and easier. 

Social Media

Most social networks were developed on campuses of different educational institutions. Yet, it took time for educational institutions to create profiles on social media. But nowadays, social networks are widely used by educational institutions. Prospective students can follow the social media pages of their chosen institutions to stay aware of the updates. But social networks can be useful for existing students as well. 


Social media allows universities and colleges to connect with each other, regardless if they are several cities or several continents apart. Social networks play an important part in the organization of contests and meetings between students or professors of educational institutions. Besides, students from different colleges and universities can connect with each other through social networks and exchange important ideas about studying. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Okay, we know what you’re thinking about. You’re thinking about using artificial intelligence for writing assignments. But to be fair, if you don’t want or can’t do a writing assignment on your own, it’s better to use one of the best paper writing services, rather than turning to AI. It’s far from being as good as professional essay writers, and there are tools to check out whether the work was written by humans or not. 


But the previous paragraph doesn’t mean that AI is not used by educational institutions. Artificial intelligence is utilized for the automatization of the key elements of education, such as the grading of students. It is also used for getting feedback on areas that need to be improved. While machine learning helps in creating artificial tutors that can help students with subjects like math. 

Final Thoughts

So, here you have five aspects in which emerging technologies influence the educational system. Yes, the implementation of technology takes time, and none of the aspects mentioned in the article are exploited to the full extent. Considering that and the fact that new advancements are always around the corner, the chances are that twenty years from now the educational system will look completely different. 

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