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Abundant choices for the Best budget gaming PC Under 700

Since we wrote about gaming pc in an affordable price range before, we often come across a question about the best budget gaming PC under 700 dollars. Hence, this will be the ultimate list of the best gaming PC in this price range.

Talking about gaming, every people around the world really likes to do that. Especially in the day where video games are evolving to the state where consoles are everywhere, but PC still reaches the top of everything due to its power that surpasses even the latest PlayStation or Xbox console (we’re not gonna talk about Nintendo Switch here, she just chillin’ beside the pool with lemonade on hand). The power of a gaming PC nowadays comes from the part that is carefully chosen to maximize the output. Each part is crucial and it costs not a small amount of cash.

People love playing games using a gaming PC, but not many people can afford to buy it. So, they will opt for an affordable PC that has a gaming performance underneath it. It’s a challenge indeed to get a really good gaming PC under $700 and not all gamers can build their own rig by themselves. So, what’s the best thing to do? yap, getting a Prebuilt gaming PC.

If you got confused in choosing what’s the best to get, let me help you with that. Here is the compilation of the gaming PC under $700 that you can buy with enough funds. Let’s check it out.

What You Get For Your $700

When we talk about a gaming Pc, means you will get the power that is considered “enough” to run the games that you like, even though the power output can be considered a low to medium. The price tag of around $700 means the prebuilt gaming PC that you can get will be around an entry-level one with a limited gaming performance but can run the game without any issues.

In a more specific way, you might be not getting the NVME SSD storage or you can get the lowest one with a standard reading speed. But sometimes the SATA HDD is included and the size is quite big as the price is considerably lower than the NVME SSD.

RAM, you will get around 8GB single slot but I believe a gaming PC will have a motherboard with 2x RAM slots. If you are lucky, you might get 4 slots and that’s really worth considering.

Graphics card, well, you might be able to get something like the AMD RX series or the Nvidia GeForce GTX series, but perhaps it can be lower but still okay to run games like Valorant, CS: GO, Apex Legends, and perhaps Call of Duty Warzone. The reason because a graphics card is one of the most expensive things and it will cost a lot more. Thanks to those miners who make the VGA price isn’t competitive anymore.

The Processor is the most important part of the prebuilt gaming PC. If you are lucky, you might be able to get the AMD Ryzen 7 series but sometimes the option falls around Ryzen 3 or 5 or Intel Core i3 or i5. Getting the latest chipset might be a good idea. Aside from the graphics card, it’s also one of the most expensive as it represents the brain of your computer.

Upgradability & Future-Proofing

A prebuilt gaming PC is still a gaming Pc. It means, the ability to upgrade each part is definitely possible, but the challenge comes with the compatibility of your desktop pc with the parts that are available on the market.

And because some of the prebuilt gaming PCs are made by companies like ASUS or MSI or Dell with its Alienware, it’s wise to search for the same brand but again, make sure it’s compatible with your pre-built gaming PC.


For those gamers or PC enthusiasts, overclocking is one of the things that you can do with your gaming rig. I mean, it’s your partner so you have the freedom to do it. But do it on a budget gaming PC… for me, it’s something that is not wise to do. Because overclocking means you will push your processor to the maximum, sometimes its lifespan will decrease or to the worst, it will end up in a malfunction and you won’t be able to use it again.

But if you have overclocking as your hobby, then you need to find the processor as well as the motherboard that has the ability to do that kind of task. And also, please understand the risk as well.

Non-gaming Performance

Sometimes a gaming PC isn’t just your gaming console. The best gaming PC is the one that can give you the power to not only just gaming but do something else as well. Like the artists who like to do graphics designing with a little bit of gaming, programmers who prefer having a desktop so they can also do a bit of gaming, or students with their homework and gaming afterward.

A gaming PC is a powerful piece of machine and will provide you with the ability to do other things than gaming. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, and that’s the beauty of a gaming PC for me.


Most people connect aesthetics with the PC’s cable management. It’s really important though, to make sure your gaming desktop has a good room for air circulation, and also to prevent your cable get tangled with the fan as well. It’s one of the important things to have and when you search for a budget gaming PC, it’s something that you need to consider.

Aesthetics for me also come in the shape of the PC tower which… will increase the look of your rig. That’s good, but please also mind the air circulation and make sure the PC tower will have enough ventilation to do it.

Now after knowing what you will get if you buy a gaming PC under $700, it’s time to see the options which is can be considered the best-prebuilt gaming PC for your budget. So without further ado, let’s just jump in!

Best AMD prebuilt gaming PC under 700

I got to admit, HP nowadays creates a stunning-looking gaming PC that comes on a budget that you can afford. It’s the Ryzen version of the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop TG01-2170m PC that I talk about, the gaming desktop with a total black design with a green accent on the logo, some socket details, and a green triangular light on the front bottom. Although the design looks minimalist and I like it, there’s no glass on the side that will show off its component in the price range that I look for.

Best AMD prebuilt gaming PC under 700

Spec-wise the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop has AMD Ryzen 3 5300 4 cores with speed up to 4.0GHz and can be boosted to reach the maximum of 4.2GHz. For the graphics card, it used the AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB GDDR6, supported by 8GB (2x4GB) of DDR4 SDRAM and 256 SSD storage. All of these are supplied by a 400W power supply, has the additional feature of Bluetooth, and Realtek Canary ac 2×2.

All of these glories can be bought in a price range of just under $700 and I believe it’s worth the money. Just a bit of suggestion… don’t try to overclock it as the base itself is already powerful, okay? 🙂

Gaming PC under 700 with Ryzen 5 3600 and RX 5500 XT

Gaming PC under 700 with Ryzen 5 3600 and RX 5500 XT

If you got a few funds to buy your dream gaming PC and you are an AMD fan as well, then iBUYPOWER Trace 4 9310 is a good option. the design itself is quite simple – it’s mostly black with asymmetric diagonal RGB light with a lion logo on the middle bottom, with tempered glass on the left side to show off the gaming parts.

this gaming PC uses AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 cores with a speed up to 3.6GHz that can be boosted to reach a maximum 4.20GHz. Using the AMD Radeon RX 550 XT for the graphics card with a total 4GB GDDR6, 8GB of DDR4 RAM with NVME SSD of 240GB, and most importantly, the WiFi if you love a wireless internet connection.

With the power that it offers, the Trace 4 9310 can be one of the options if you look for a quite powerful gaming PC at a price that is considered reasonable, even though it can get over $700 but, I think it’s worth the investment.

With all of the components that it has offered, the iBUYPOWER Trace 4 9310 can be considered a bargain even though the price got a bit higher than usual.

Mini gaming PC desktop – Best mini ITX gaming PC 774

Mini gaming PC desktop – Best mini ITX gaming PC 774

If you got a small room for your gaming PC setup, and you don’t have any choice but to compromise the size of your desktop, the answer is to get a tower with mini ITX as the main part. Is there a prebuilt gaming PC with that kind of motherboard? oh yes. I’m talking about the Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC. Shaped in a minimalist design without any dramatic corners but pimped with RGB lights on the front side. Also, the side glass panel makes the RGB-infused components look good.

Well, the design aside, the Skytech Chronos is equipped with AMD Ryzen 3 3100 4 core with speed up to 3.6GHz which if boosted can reach up to 3.9GHz. The 8GB of RAM is definitely enough for your daily gaming, especially with Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB. On the memory side, you will get 500GB which… more than enough if I can say.

For those who seek a gaming PC that is small but packed with quite a good features. Although it can get quite a bit more expensive than the normal PC with an ATX motherboard, the Chronos Mini Gaming PC will become a great option.

Best gaming computer under 700 with Intel i5

Coming up from the underwater (metaphorically) is the PC gaming from Periphio, a brand that is a little bit known by anyone but is able to give you a desktop PC with gaming performance on a budget you can afford. It’s called the hydra, a gaming PC in the color black with RGB lights emitted from the fans on the front and back.

Inside its simple glass design, the Hydra got an Intel Core i5 with a quad-core CPU with a speed of 3.4GHz, 2x8GB of DDR3 RAM, and an Nvidia GT 1030 graphics card. On the memory side, Hydra got a 120GB SATA SSD with 1TB of SATA HDD to maximize the memory capacity.

For the price tag of just under $700, Periphio Hydra can be quite an option, especially for those who love playing games with a little bit of multitasking, thanks to the massive RAM that it has.

Best RGB gaming PC for around 700 dollars

CUKUSA always makes one of the best gaming PC that you can buy. And in a price range of around $700, they have prepared a gaming PC with RGB lights that shine in any direction, except down below. It’s called the CUK Strator Micro, the gaming desktop that is relatively small in size but packed with considerably good power.

I’m talking about the Intel Core i3-10100 Quad-core and Nvidia GTX 1650 Super 4GB, with 8GB of RAM from the combination of dual 4GB DDR4. The NVME SSD 256GB is also included as well, and all of these components are being supplied by 600W gold PSU to make sure powers aren’t going down at all.

What’s good for Stratos Micro is the RGB lights that are installed around every fan that you can find. There are three on the front, two on the top, and one on the back. These maximize the airflow and cool your PC in a perfect way. Cost? it goes around $700-ish but I can see it’s one of the gaming PC that is worth the investment.

Best Ryzen 3 gaming desktop

Getting your hand on a gaming PC under $700 is something of a challenge on a certain side. But AVGPC proves that’s actually not the case. Introducing the hellfire System, the prebuilt PC gaming that is affordable for our budget, created in a total matte black case with an RGB fan underneath it.

On the power side, the Hellfire System is packed with AMD Ryzen 3 1200 4 core with a speed of about 3.1GHz and can be boosted to reach up to 3.4GB. Graphics card, you get the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1030 with 4GB and 8GB of RAM. The memory that is equipped is 240GB NVME SSD.

With that type of spec, the Hellfire System is, without a doubt, a budget gaming PC under $700 but I believe it can be used to play any games. But just a little note… Don’t push the graphics setting too far but, I believe you can get high FPS on the old games.

Cheap gaming PC under 700

Another brand from HP is the Victus, a brand that stays in between… I mean, the power is slightly above the Pavilion Gaming, but a bit below the Omen. The Victus comes in a total matte white with the V logo that can emit the RGB light on the front together with the dedicated front plugs, and “15L logo on the left side, and the “Victus” typography on the right side. Unfortunately, the Victus doesn’t have the tempered glass side panel but I believe power is the most important thing, right?

Is it powerful? yes. Packed with AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 6 cores with speed up to 3.9GHz with clock speed up to ability up to 4.4GHz. It’s accompanied by AMD Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB, 2x4GB (total of 8GB) of RAM, and 256GB of PCI-E NVME SSD. all of these are supplied by 350W of power from 80 Plus Gold-certified Power Supply. There’s a slot for the SATA HDD so you might be able to upgrade it.

Thanks to all of these specs, the Victus can be considered the best-prebuilt gaming PC under 700 that you

All of these specs are available to buy at a price of just under $700 and with that power, running games on medium setting on a 1080P monitor will be easy. Although the case isn’t equipped with tempered glass so you cannot show off the part but I guess it’s okay, right?

$700 gaming PC with i5 and GTX 650

$700 gaming PC with i5 and GTX 650

One thing is for sure. Anything is definitely possible if you can get the right part for your gaming PC. You can even get yourself an i5 processor with a GTX graphics card. That’s for sure. Like the Alarco Gaming PC Desktop, a fancy-looking gaming PC with RGB lighting from in and outside of its matte black PC case.

The power comes from the intel i5-2400 4 core processor with a 3.1GHz speed that can be boosted to get a little power that reaches up to g.4GHz. Accompanied with the Nvidia Geforce GTX 650, 8GB of RAM and eventually high memory, as high as 1TB HDD.

All of these powers you can get in a price range around $550-ish but what you get is the entry-level PC Gaming to play most games in a low-medium setting. Within this list, the Alarco Gaming PC desktop can be considered the cheapest gaming PC that you can find.

How to get the best gaming PC under 700? Buyer Guide

Getting yourself a gaming PC that is capable to do any task can be quite a challenge. because in this very age which graphics card can cost all the PC components combined, with the stock that goes up and down easily. For those who look the basic of the basic, the gaming desktop like the Alarco Gaming PC desktop can be quite an option but getting yourself a value-to-the-money, then HP products are all I can suggest.

That being the case, there are so many things to consider in order to get your best gaming PC. For example, the processor that it has or the graphics card that is installed. Both of it is crucial as they determined the power you can get in playing the PC games. The second is the number of RAMs that you can get, then the storage as well.

The price of a gaming PC will depend on the parts that you can choose and sometimes it depends on who built the gaming PC. However, a cheap gaming PC doesn’t mean you will get the cheap components as well. That’s why it’s important to determine everything.

If the budget exceeds what you have, don’t hesitate to save more.

What is the difference between a budget gaming PC and a high-end gaming PC?

What I’m sure, both gaming Pcs and high-end gaming PCs have only one purpose – become your gaming partner and play the games for fun! yeah!!

But definitely, each of them is actually different and available for different kinds of gamers as well. In a general difference, a budget gaming PC is something that is perfect for gamers in a tight budget but looking for a cheap gaming PC with gaming performance ability. And to reach the top performance at a cheap price, sometimes the builder can’t really help it but choose the previous components. Let’s take Alarco Gaming PC Desktop as an example, there are no latest components that are used but it still has a good performance to play games on medium setting.

On the other hand, the high-end gaming PC means something that is using the latest components inside its PC case. It might have a better performance, high-speed RAM, USB-C port and so many more. with that ability, running the AAA games would be done easily. However, the high-end Pc are vary in price and it depends on which parts you choose. For example, the HP Victus L15 is a high-end gaming PC that used AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor that is just released last year.


The processor and the graphics card are the top components as well as the most important parts of a gaming PC. Getting yourself a good combination of CPU and GPU will result in good gaming performance for your game. Even though what you look for is the best gaming PC under 700, it’s still a crucial topic to understand.

The example that I can take here is the HP Victus that uses a good late AMD processor combined with an Nvidia Geforce GTX series that results in a medium to high (for a certain game) game set in a 1080P. Getting the old one is definitely okay, but make sure you don’t compromise its power of it.

Memory and Storage

After understanding the role of the processor and graphics card, it’s time to look for memory and storage. The memory like RAM is the least expensive for a gaming Pc. Thus, getting a good one might not be an issue here. My recommendation for your RAM is a minimum of 8GB but 16G is already a good option for multitasking especially.

For storage, the NVME SSD Card is definitely a good option but the price can be quite higher. Combine it with the SATA HDD, then you will get a decent laptop to house all your files. for the NVME SSD, 128GB – 256GB is my recommendation but the higher the better. SATA HDD, well, 1TB or 2TB is enough.

FAQs For Best Gaming Pc Under $700

Is It Cheaper To Buy a Gaming PC or Build One?

A prebuilt gaming PC can cost more than you built your own. But making your own gaming PC means you have all the freedom that you can get to build your dream pre-built gaming PC. But building your desktop might need quite some experience and knowledge to do it. Because each part are different and can be installed in a certain motherboard, you definitely need which one to buy to avoid wasting your fund.

But if you don’t want to take that risk, getting yourself a prebuilt gaming PC can be an option. the Prebuilt rig is can be considered a well-optimized pc game as it’s built by professionals who experts in the field.

How long will a gaming PC last?

A good gaming Pc will last around 4 years but it depends on how you maintain the desktop. yap, maintaining your personal computer is a crucial thing to do. Make sure no dust, and always change the thermal paste regularly to make sure the heat is delivered well. If you can’t do it yourself, getting help from professionals will be a good option.

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