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Invisible, Inc. Gameplay Walkthrough

The turn-based Invisible, Inc. has been out for a while on PC and has managed to make its way onto PS4 recently. Klei Entertainment’s game is an isometric, turn-based stealth-espionage game. There’s a complete gameplay walkthrough available that covers the game from start to finish, including the additional DLC called Contingency Plan.

YouTuber Keith Ballard does a complete playthrough of the game that covers the span of 32 videos of very considerable length. The video offers players a look at the controls, the abilities, the turn-based mechanics and the combat. The main part of the game is only 10 videos long, and it’s not a very lengthy run through. The DLC is definitely a lot longer. You can check out the entire playlist below.

Enemies knocked out only stay knocked out for three turns. However, it’s possible to pin an enemy down by standing on the square where they’ve been neutralized. It’s also possible to carry and stash enemy bodies out of sight and out of mind.

To peek around corners you can get near the edge of the doorway and click around the corner to peek. The Incognita mode is not unlike the hacking mode from Deus: Human Revolution.

Between ending a turn it’s possible to prep attacks, such as setting up ambushes, which will allow the player-character to attack enemy NPCs at the start of the enemy’s turn.

The game utilizes a lot of reliance on stealth mechanics, relying on the environment to sneak around. It’s even possible to travel right in front of enemies so long as you stay in their blind spot.

During the first run of the playthrough players will have to recover missing agents to unlock additional playable agents, along with completing the main objectives before time runs out.

The meat of the game is in the tactical combat mode, where players can use the agents to get through the missions. Players will start with Internationale and Decker.

It’s best to use Decker early on to scout maps and use Internationale to hack relevant items. The two basically represent the kind of archetypes for the other characters, such as Shalem 11, who is similar to Decker, and Banks who is another hacker not unlike Internationale.

Additional characters can be unlocked, such as the ones featured in the expansion pack, Contingency Plan. You can see the starting video in the playlist for the DLC in the video below.

There are several other characters specifically unlocked in the expansion, such as Olivia and Derek, two more characters who continue to fulfill either the physical stealth role or the hacker stealth role. Olivia is actually a younger version of the older female commander of the group, and Derek is the one who warned Olivia about their outfit being compromised. Interestingly, Derek gets to teleport around the maps using the transport beacon as a way to instantly teleport to locations.

The other two characters part of the Contingency Plan DLC for Invisible, Inc. include Draco and Rush. In the case of Draco, he can generate bonus upgrades for skills, permanently, when he kills guards. Draco also gets a lethal plasma gun. Rush is another typical physical character with a boost in AP usage with her skills, as well as the ability to sprint around and knock people out longer than usual.

When knocking guards out your alert status stays down so long as the guards stay knocked out. Once they wake up the alert status raises. Killing guards will raise the alert status a lot more quickly, but in the case of someone like Draco, he gets beastly per each kill… permanently.

Invisible, Inc. is available right now for PC and PS4 for $19.99 along with the latest DLC.

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