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Resident Evil 6 Remastered Leon Walkthrough

Capcom loves money, and one of the best ways for them to make money is to re-release old games (or games that’s not even that old). Their latest re-release is Resident Evil 6 for the Xbox One and PS4. For gamers who never played the original release of Resident Evil 6, there are a series of walkthrough guides available to cover the game from start to finish.

YouTuber SullyGamingHD has the complete playthrough from start to finish for Leon’s campaign. You can check out the 11 video playlist below.

The entire first segment in the college is pretty straightforward and very linear. You basically just have to follow the cues and the open doorways.

There are indicators leading you through each segment throughout the college and only a few zombies that you’ll encounter in the early goings of the level.

After the segment involving Liz turning into a zombie and you head down into the garage, don’t stand and fight the zombies, they’re too strong and there are too many. Just run past them and get to the exit.

Head down through the auditorium and continue through the hallways. To conserve on ammo (depending on the difficulty setting you have it on) it’s probably best to just melee attack the zombies. Be careful when knocking them down, though. Some zombies may reach up and grab you while they’re on the ground.

Continue to follow the indicator and head outside. The exit gate is locked but the key is inside the desk in the main office within the staff building.

After you go through the survival segment where Hunnigan has to unlock the door for Leon and Helena, you’ll find the gate key within the office along with a special emblem within one of the desks.

Following some quick-time events and a cinematic, you’ll end up in the subway maintenance tunnels where you’ll need the follow the pathway to the next checkpoint.

Make your way through the subway cars and take out the zombies along the way. When you get your hands on the remote detonators, place one down by the locked subway door and then free the lady asking to be saved. When she gets out and opens up the gate and the zombies flood in, you can blow the detonator and take out all the zombies.

By the time you get to the street level it’s still fairly linear, requiring only to follow the checkpoints from one location to the next while taking out zombies along the way.

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After heading through more of the city and getting with the survivors things turn a bit more into the classic Resident Evil style once Leon and Helena get to the church.

Head through the graveyard toward the church. Before arriving there you’ll need to get the cemetery key from one of the zombie dogs. Be sure to save some ammo in the shotgun so you can take the dog out easily.

Proceed into the cathedral where there’s a puzzle that has to be solved in order to open the secret doors. Take the Madonna of Happiness statue and lift Helena up to the second floor. You’ll find another statue in the chest. Have Helena put the first statue on the podium on the opposite side of the room at the same time to open the door.

After you get past the statue traps – you can easily dodge the lasers by running and sliding – you’ll need to activate the mirrors by aiming the laser site at them. This will open additional doors.

You’ll find a semi-auto rifle on a dead zombie.

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Use the rifle to shoot the five bells to unlock the next segment.

You’ll have to fight a boss back in the main cathedral. Keep your distance, use the semi-auto rifle and shotgun on it and blast it down until it finally dies. It will drop the underground keycard.

With the locked cells and the computer console, the door code to unlock the main hall cell is: 210

When you get into the next hall, the computer code to open the proper doorway is: 012

From there you’ll need to follow the hallways leading up to the big boss fight with Deborah before heading off to Hong Kong.

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