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28 September 2016

Hitman Episode 5 Colorado Full Walkthrough

IO Interactive took a different route with the fifth episode for Hitman. It’s far more stealth oriented than typical missions and focuses more on Agent 47’s menace as an expert killer. For those of you needing a little help getting through the newly released episode for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC, a full blown gameplay walkthrough is currently available.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames posted up the entirety of the fifth episode, spanning the likes of five whole videos, although the entire mission can be completed in just under an hour if you’re really fast and really good. Yes, this is a lot more challenging than the last two episodes. You can check out the full playlist below for the Colorado episode of Hitman.

The objective is to take out Sean Rose, Penelope Graves, Ezra Berg and Maya Parvati.

The first video focuses on Agent 47 stealthily taking out the militia while avoiding being spotted. It’s safe to kill them and drag them off behind some of the crates.

If you head into the base you’ll find the blueprint for the Doomsday Watch inside of the shed next to one of the houses where two guys are stationed. It’s probably best to kill the guy on the coach after the second guy walks away from the sink. It’s probably best to use a silencer to avoid alerting the whole camp.

If you move around to the outside of the camp and head inside the barn with the training setup with the limousine you’ll find Maya Parvati inside. The training exercise can be used to take out Parvati.

You’ll need a spec ops training outfit, which you can pick up from the spec ops barracks where one of the guys is lounging around. There are usually two guys in the barrack, so you’ll have to take out both of them to get the outfit.

You’ll need to participate in the training exercise, which opens up the opportunity to take out Parvati. Complete the exercise successfully and then head to where she was standing and disable the safety of the ram and have it smash into Parvati.

Hitman Episode 5

You’ll find Penelope Graves inside of the communications house with a bunch of the monitoring equipment.

You can easily find her in the foyer area – a garrotte wire while she isn’t looking can take her out pretty quickly. You can also destroy the camera decoder evidence from the computer station on the first floor.

There’s a guy upstairs in sunglasses and a beret who has a room key. If you kill him you can get the key.

You’ll find the hacker’s phone upstairs located amongst all the computer equipment on the desk. You can grab the phone.

Depending on your game, you might find Sean Rose upstairs in front of the locked door. You can either shoot him, throw a baseball at his head or use some other means to disable him. You can then access Rose’s phone after he’s been incapacitated.

Inside the shed just outside the house is a locked shed. Inside the shed is a basement key that leads to the tornado shelter. Use the fuse box to lure those inside the shed to the outside and then subdue them. You can sneak into the shed by climbing through the window.

The basement key will grant you access to the basement but you’ll need Sean Rose’s biometrics in order to access the secret room. Head up to the top floor and create a 3D scan of Sean’s face and use the 3D scanned face to access the secret room.

The secret room reveals that The Illuminati is behind the whole thing, pulling the strings like puppet masters and the ICA has been infiltrated and compromised. Does this mean we get a team-up between Agent 47 and Adam Jensen sometime down the line?

Hitman’s fifth episode is available right now for PC, Xbox One and PS4. You can grab a copy from participating digital distributors.

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