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The Bunker Gameplay Walkthrough

One of the new titles to land on Steam is called The Bunker from Splendid Interactive and Wales Interactive. It’s a full-motion video survival game that combines realistic scenarios with thriller themed gameplay. For players looking for a walkthrough of The Bunker, there’s one available that covers the game from start to finish.

YouTuber Nokzen has a complete gameplay walkthrough available for the survival title, spanning just five videos. You can check out the video playlist below.

The first playable tasks in the game includes going through a checklist and having John perform his daily routines. All of this simply includes pressing buttons and clicking on easily identifiable buttons.

The first 10 or so minutes is basically going through the basic routines. It’s an easy point-and-click measure to help get gamers accustomed to the gameplay.

On day 11,111 when the system malfunctions, you’ll find the manual at the bottom drawer – which is the third drawer on the left.

You’ll need to head to level 2 to find the fuse box. In order to get through the door that leads to the second level you’ll need to get a key. You’ll find the key in the room where John’s mother is. The key is in the second drawer of the nightstand.

Majority of the game during level 2 is simply listening to recordings, watching flashbacks and examining data logs.

After swapping the fuses and turning the power back up, you’ll need to head back upstairs to check the computer. It turns out that there’s an air filtration problem. So you’ll need to head to level 4. Before you can get to level 4 you’ll need to get a radiation suit. You’ll need to find the NBC suit.

The NBC suit from level 2 is missing, so you’ll need to head down to level 3. Beyond the war room you’ll have another room in level 3 where the NBC suit is located.

After you get the NBC suit, head to level 4. You won’t be able to do anything until you turn off the steam.

You’ll find the valve to turn off the steam on the right side of the filtration system. After turning off the steam you’ll need to head around and replace the air filters.

After replacing the filters you’ll need to turn the pressure valves back on.

After the scene where John breaks his arm and has to fix himself up, he heads back down to the lower levels due to a radiation leak. You’ll need to open the hatch in the war room, it’s underneath the map cabinet.

You’ll need to open the gate after traveling down the hatch, grab a torch from off the wall and attempt to open the locked door. You’ll need to open another hatch in the floor beneath john’s feet.

After crawling through the tunnel and battling during the flashback, you’ll need to access the keypad. The code to get through the door is a four digit number: 3786

From there John will need to travel through cold storage where all the dead bodies are kept as he makes his way out of the bunker.

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