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31 October 2016

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has rolled out for PS4, Xbox One and PC. A lot of gamers have already jumped in without needing any assistance, but some gamers have been looking for a little help with getting through the missions and boss fights in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Thankfully, there are some walkthrough guides available.

YouTuber RajmanGaming HD has a complete gameplay walkthrough available to help you from start to finish over the course of a 20 episode playlist. You can check out the opening below.

You can choose between Earthlings, Saiyans, Namekians, Frieza Race and the Majins. You can customize your character as either male or female, and change thew height, body type, head and hair, eyes, pupils, nose, mouth/jaw and ears. You can also modify each of the colors for your character.

Depending on the race you choose will depend on the opening of the game’s character vignette.

The controls for the game are pretty basic while you’re in Conton City. You can see a quick layout of the controls with the image below.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

You’ll first need to talk to Elder Kai to go through the obligatory half hour of so of learning the basics through the tutorial. They’ll take you through the basics of the controls against Saibamen, Kaiwaremen and Tennenmen as you go over a lot of the special moves, super moves, basic combos and counters. All of that is also covered in the basic gameplay controls guide.

After completing the tutorial (or any mission for that matter) you can boost your attributes, modify your skill set or customize your item loadout before heading back onto the battlefield.

Your first major mission will be to fight Raditz during the first major Dragon Ball Z arc. Raditz is pretty easy to fight and you can bombard him with combos and whittle away at his life.

You can also transfer over your old hero from the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse as the Conton City Hero early on in the game. If you don’t have a character from the first game, you can quickly crate your own hero.

Next you’ll need to talk to a few NPCs and complete some basic challenges, such as fighting Sanud at the Orange Star High School. You can enter into the High School to talk with more NPCs and take up tutelage under an instructor.

You can find some instructors around Conton City, such as Tien. Instructors will challenge you to a fight and you’ll need to defeat them within the time in order to earn the right train under them, just like in the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


You can equip certain accessories as well, such as the scouter, which will help you find items and gauge the power level of your opponents.

Before you can move on you’ll need to do a beginner’s Parallel Quest for Elder Kai before you can get on to the real meat and potatoes. You can collect items by using the scouter and then flying over to them and picking them up. Press the left digital pad to see both hidden enemies and items within the map.

You can press the digital pad to see the items you’ve selected.

They also teach you how to utilize Ki blasts during battle. Different blasts will open up different kinds of effects. You can check out the brief guide below that explains the differences in Ki blasts and how you’ll want to customize your character to utilize them.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - KI Blast

The next major mission is against Nappa, just like the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Opposite of the first game, Turles hops into the fray and players will have to go help Goku before he gets to Vegeta.

You will also have to battle against the Great Apes of Vegeta and Nappa. You’ll need to weaken them. The best thing to do is circle around from behind and attack their tails. Be sure to keep your distance, otherwise they will do a lot of damage to you during melee combat.

The Time Patrollers learn that Towa and Mira come from the Demon Realm to steal energy from the past and they’re using Turles and Slug as their underlings to accomplish what they need.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

You can also access the miniatures scattered around Conton City to get to the larger time rifts.

You can head to Hercule’s house and become his bodyguard. If you decide to become his bodyguard you’ll need to complete five quests.

You can also venture to Frieza’s spaceship where various missions can be undertaken, but you will need to join certain factions in order to progress through some missions.

The next major mission involves the start of the Frieza saga, where players will have to go to planet Namek and face off against Dodoria and Zarbon.

Given how strong the two Frieza henchmen are, you basically have to take their life down so Krillin and Gohan can escape. You’ll also have to face off against Lord Slug after staving off Dodoria and Zarbon. Stamina may be an issue, so either avoid getting hit by Slug or keep the pressure on him to avoid being taken down.

After defeating Slug you’ll then get into a fight with Dodoria. He’s not too difficult given that Vegeta will be helping you in the fight.

There are a series of parallel missions available thereafter where you can partake in some tag-team fights with a few other NPCs helping along the way.

If you want to boost up your stats and earn some quick level-ups, you can stick with the parallel side-quests to earn cash, stack your attributes and generally get good at Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Keep in mind that you will need to complete some of these Parallel Missions in order to earn enough attributes to be able to tangle with the much stronger characters later on in the game. You certainly don’t want to end up on the battlefield and find yourself out-classed with an opponent who has a power-level gap that’s over 9,000.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

When you’re ready to head back to the main quest line, talk to Elder Kai.

The next mission involves taking on the Ginyu Force, but a key story mission is altered as Captain Ginyu takes over Vegeta’s body instead of Goku’s body. Players will need to fight Guldo and Recoome. With Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta tag-teaming with the player-charatcer, the two Ginyu Force members aren’t very difficult to defeat.

Next up you’ll have to fight Jeice and Burter. With the help of Goku, you can just keep the pressure on the Ginyu Force. They won’t put up much of a fight. However, Turles will give them the fruit from the Tree of Might, and they will do way more damage and will have extended life. Keep the pressure on them and avoid getting trapped in a combo, otherwise it will be pretty easy to lose the fight.

The trick to the fight is that Captain Ginyu will keep switching bodies, so you’ll need to defeat not just the Ginyu Force but also Turles and Captain Ginyu as Trunks and Goku.

You’ll be able to unlock Nappa as a trainer following the mission, who will grant you with a few extra pointers on how to defeat stunned enemies or when to use certain special attacks.

You can learn a few attacks, such as a Genocide Shell, which can be used both offensively and defensively during battle. The attack fires Ki blasts in front of you and can do some moderate damage to anyone directly in front of you, or it can block incoming Ki blasts by stopping them.

You can complete a number of Parallel Quest in order to further level up. You might want to get to level 18 or 20 before you start the next mission so that you’ll be up to par.

If you need help with the missions necessary to level up quickly, you can check out the video below to help you along the way.

A large portion of your time will be spent training as you attempt to get stronger to take on the main quest missions, which have designated level recommendations. You could attempt to try them being under level but you’ll likely just fail.

Some of the best Parallel Missions to take on are the ones that have high difficulty because you’ll earn the most experience points and currency, which you can use to further buy equipment to boost your character’s stats and upgrade their skills.

After you reach level 20, you’ll be able to partake in the next set of story missions. This involves taking on Frieza as part of the Frieza saga from Dragon Ball Z. For anyone who has watched the cartoon series, you know how strong Frieza is and you will have to lend your aid to Nail as he fights Frieza in his first form.

Keep in mind that Frieza can zap your life down quickly. Avoid his attacks by keeping your stamina charged and only use your teleport when you absolutely need to, usually as Frieza is gearing up to launch an attack. If he does manage to hit you you’ll lose a lot of life very quickly.

Even if you defeat Frieza you won’t be able to stop what Turles and Slug have accomplished, so you’ll have to go back further in time to stop Lord Slug and Turles.

The two will have eaten from the Tree of Might, so they will be a lot faster and hit a lot harder. Fight fast and string your combos together quickly to make quick work of the duo.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

You’ll have to fight extra powered up Lord Slug and Turles again, this time under control from Towa. You won’t have to go at it alone, though. Trunks will aid you in the fight. It’s no more difficult than the first time you fight them, and Trunks will actually help out unlike Gohan, so it will make it slightly easier.

You’ll have to then fight Frieza with the Z Warriors, and then that’s followed by a one-on-one fight with Frieza in his Final Form. He will absolutely wreck you if you’re not careful, so be sure you have enough stamina to dodge his combos. One Frieza combo is nearly enough to take a sixth of your life. So keep some health capsules on hand as well. Goku will later come to help and use a Spirit Bomb to finish off Frieza.

Frieza blows a hole through Piccolo and then blows Krillin to pieces. It’ll be up to players to help Goku fight Frieza in his final form.

He won’t be too hard so long as you work with Goku to fight Frieza.

Cooler will join Frieza and the fight turns into a tag-team battle with Goku and the player-character versus Cooler and Frieza. Frieza, however, will be in Full Power form, so be wary of his attacks.

If you have a super-mode, it would be a good time to use it. Alternatively, when Frieza or Cooler is engaged with Goku, use that time to power up your Ki and use your specials against both of them.

Also, be sure you’ve stocked up on a lot of capsules to regenerate your health because Frieza in his Full Power state will be able to strip away half your life in just a few hits.

After defeating Frieza you’ll be strong enough to fly through Conton City freely.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Cooler

Following the Cooler and Frieza fight, you’ll be required to train a lot more. Thankfully, you’ll have plenty of new Parallel Missions to choose from in order to upgrade and level-up your character.

You can either fight in online battles or offline fights to continually increase your character’s power.

The next set of main story missions will require you to be level 25. However, if you have the right stats and the right skills in place, you can squeeze by at level 24.

You will have the choice of going to the time chamber or looking for Trunks, who has gone missing.

Players will have to head to the future to battle against the Androids with Future Gohan. You’ll first have to fight Android 16.

Trunks can’t head to that time so it’ll be up to players to protect Gohan during the fight. Android 16 actually isn’t that hard and he is very slow with his combos. He does have a long-range projectile but you can easily dodge his attacks.

After defeating Android 16, Mira will join the fight. Be sure to conserve your HP for when you fight Mira because he’s extremely strong. His combos are very quick, so make sure you have some stamina available to dodge his attacks until Trunks shows up to help.

The next story mission will require you to be at level 30, so you’ll need to head back to Conton City and train up some more if you haven’t already.

You can also train under other fighters to learn new moves and techniques that will help you on the battlefield.

You’ll have access to a number of new training missions and Parallel Quests, so you can quickly gain some levels from the higher difficulty ones.

You’ll need to invest some quality time in the training before you can head back into the story missions.

After you reach level 30 (or at least level 28) you can get back into the groove of the main quests and continue to correct the time that Towa and Mira are altering.

The next mission involves going back to the timeline of the Androids and fighting a revived and even stronger Android 16.

The mission can fail if you lose or if Trunks from the future loses.


During the fight, Perfect Cell will appear and help Android 16. You’ll still need to defeat Android 16 while also fighting Cell.

Cell has a few defensive abilities to watch out for, including an AOE attack that can blast you back. Cell also has an adequate arsenal of combo attacks that he’ll string together if you give him a chance. It might be best to keep your distance and use Ki attacks if you can’t easily use combos to take him down.

The next mission involves the fight with Cell after he sucks up Android 17 and 18.

Cell attempts to alter history and Trunks and the player-character are sent to intervene.

You’ll need to fight Android 17 and prevent Cell from arriving to absorb 17 and 18.

When Cell does arrive in his first form, he can be very dangerous but you will get help from Android 16.

He’s not very difficult to fight and the next mission will take place during the Cell Games, only Mira will have joined the fray to disrupt the timeline. Trunks and the player-character will join the Cell Games to fight Mira.

Following Mira’s defeat, you’ll need to clear out the Cell Jr. group. There are six of them and they aren’t too difficult to overcome.

Metal Cooler will join the fray and you’ll need to defeat seven of them and then head into the wormhole. They aren’t terribly difficult to defeat if you’re higher than level 30.

You’ll need to defeat 12 of the Metal Cooler minions to complete the segment, and then battle against a full powered up version of Cell. While he isn’t as fast as some of the other villains you’ve faced, he hits really hard and a few of his hits will knock off a chunk of your life. So be mindful of your defenses since he uses many long-range attacks.

Cell also has many teleporting charge attacks, so keep your stamina with at least one charge to dodge his attacks.

Following the defeat of Cell you can unlock special rift missions where up to six other human players can join you in the battle to fight against special expert villains. During these special rift missions, sometimes players will become brainwashed and you’ll need to defeat them to snap them out of it. Other times you’ll have to face off against doppelgangers if you happen to become brainwashed.

The tutorial will also teach you how to stop gigantic Ki blasts using ‘X’ and ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller and Square and Triangle on the PlayStation controller.


The next story mission will require you to be level 35. So you’ll need to do some more training in order to get up to the necessary level.

The mission will see you having to face off against Broly before having to fight Majin Buu.

You’ll need to tag-team with Vegeta to fight Broly while he fights Buu. Goku will be K.O.’d so you’ll have to work strategically and carefully. Be careful, though, Broly hits like a Mack truck.

After defeating Broly the mission will end.

The final mission will see players facing off against Towa as she attempts to destroy the Grand Dragon. She uses demon powers and plenty of long-range Ki blasts, so you’ll need to either dodge or block them and close the distance.

She also has a few moves to incapacitate you up close as well. After defeating her the first time you’ll have to fight her again after she steals the egg.

The ultimate battle will take place in the future against Mira, but he becomes reckless and destructive to the point of destabilizing the universe, causing Towa to help you in the fight. After defeating Mira again, he will unleash his final form by absorbing Towa and the Tokitoki egg.

The final, final battle will be a two-on-one fight between SSGSS Goku and the player-character versus Mira in his final form.

Mira hits hard but Goku will help you and depending on your race, you can use a super form to power-up and use the special abilities against Mira. In the two-on-one fight it isn’t too difficult to defeat Mira so long as you tag-team and time your attacks together.

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