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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Zetsubou No Shima Walkthrough

There are a number of videos, walkthroughs and guides available for the newly released DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 called Eclipse. The DLC comes with four brand new multiplayer maps and the highly awaited zombies map, entitled Zetsubou No Shima. The walkthrough guides available for the zombies map covers the game’s Easter Eggs, hidden secrets, Wonder Weapon, the new planting mechanic and some of the other specials.

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YouTuber NoahJ456 has one of the better walkthrough playlists available featuring start-to-finish content for almost all of the major buildables in the map, along with some of the hidden weapons. You can check out the main Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zetsubou No Shima walkthrough guide below.

Now one of the core aspects of this new DLC is growing plants. The basic gist is that you pick up the bucket and you get a seed. There are three different types of water to water the seed with. There are small circular plates on the ground where you can plant the seeds. Simply hold down Square on the PS4 DualShock 4 or the ‘X’ button on the Xbox One controller to plant the seed and then during rounds you press the ‘X’ button or the Square button to water the plants.

It takes about three rounds to fully grow a plant, so you’ll have to stick around that area to make the most of Call of Duty: Garden Warfare.

YouTuber Laggin24x offers a quick two minute guide on how the Zombie Sitter Plant works, how the water works and how the seeds work. Check it out below.

You’ll need to get to the 115 water source near Lab ‘B’, and fill up your bucket and water your plant with the green water for several rounds until the plant is fully grown.

The plant is good if you need to explore around the map but need a single zombie left alive.

Laggin24x has a second video explaining how to make the Zombie Eating Plant. You can check out the video guide below.

So basically you’ll need to get a seed, which you get from killing zombies. The seed drop can then be taken to one of the plant locations, along with a bucket.

You will need to proceed to the 115 pond behind Lab ‘A’, which contains blue water. Fill up the bucket with blue water and water the plant with the blue water in between each round. It will take around three rounds to grow the plant to its full potential.

The plant will decapitate zombies and eat the spiders. However, the zombies will attack the plant and attempt to destroy it, so you will have to protect it a bit if you plan on keeping it around for more than a few rounds.

Gobblegum Perks

Gobblegum machines can be webbed up by spiders, so in order to use the perks you first have to cut the webs off the machines. Otherwise the perks will be inaccessible. There are four new Gobblegum perks added to the game.

Be careful with the spiders because the spiders can web up other players, pathways and the Gobblegum machines, so be sure to watch out for their web.

As for the Gobblegum perks, the first new one is called Unbearable and it auto-activates when a teddy bear appears in the magic box. It’s not considered very useful because it doesn’t do anything useful in the match.

Fear In Headlights is another new perk that lasts for two minutes when activated. Zombies will stay stunned if they are seen by the player. It’s like a deer caught in the headlight. It operates the same as the Skull of Nan Sapwe relic.

The new Temporal Gift Gobblegum perk allows power-ups to last longer for an entire round.

Secret Shopper is the final new Gobblegum perk. It lasts for 10 minutes and allows players to wall-buy ammo for any gun in your inventory, including rare weapons and specialty weapons. You can check out the video below for a full description of the Gobblegum perks.

In order to kill a thrasher you need to pop the bubbles on his body in order to kill him. You’ll also need to kill him quickly, otherwise he can use the bodies of fallen zombies to restore himself. So be sure to either kill the zombies far away from him or kill him before he gets to the bodies.

How To Turn On The Power Permanently

There are two different power stations throughout the map. You have to simultaneously turn on both power stations and then activate the switch in order to turn power on at the bunker. When you enter into the bunker you’ll be able to turn on a third power station.

So first off, you’ll need to pick up the bucket because you’ll need to use it to help power the stations. There are two main labs, lab ‘A’ and lab ‘B’, and there are two spots just behind those two labs where you can replenish the water in the bucket.

There’s a map below that showcases where the two main labs are on the map so you’ll know where to go, along with the red circles with “115” in them, which indicates where you can refill the bucket with water. Check out the map below.

Black Ops 3 Zetsobou No Shima Map

You will need to travel to each lab and fill up the machines with water. The lab ‘B’ water source is green just behind the lab. In Lab ‘A’ you will need to fill up the water in the room at the back of the lab. The lab ‘A’ water source is blue.

Bunker power source is through the lab and there’s a red switch amongst a series of green flashing lights in a power room. You will need to unclog the machine in the turbine and kill all the zombies underwater before being able to turn on the power in the bunker. There’s a video showing how to power-up the station in the Black Ops 3 zombies Zetsubou No Shima map that you can check out below.

There are various buildable items, such as a Shield, Gas Mask, and the KT-4 Wonder Weapon. In order to build the KT-4 Wonder Weapon, which is called the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, NoahJ456 actually has a tutorial on how to build the KT-4 Wonder Weapon.

How To Build The KT-4 Wonder Weapon

While it originally seemed like a lame weapon when you shoot it since it only kills one zombie at a time, the reality is that you can use it as a charge weapon, and when it’s charged up in full you can shoot it onto the ground creating a toxic puddle of ooze. Any zombie that walks over the green oozy area will basically die instantly. It’s mentioned that the KT-4 is perfect for the Thrasher.

The first step is making your way down into the bunker area after turning on the power in the bunker. Head to the very bottom and go into the water area and head to the back of the cavern and head through the downward slop where the 115 crystals are, and proceed to grab the plant at the bottom of the cavern. You can see where you have to go to get the plant in the video below.

Head to the leftmost facility, turn on the power and lower a cage with a smoking purple arm. You’ll need to lure a spider into the cage during the spider round and raise the cage while the power is on. The machine will extract a substance from the spider and will place it inside a tube; grab the tube and proceed to the next part.

You’ll have to wait until round 12 of the zombie waves until a zombie appears with a green vile. You’ll need to grab the green vile after killing the zombie.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 KT-4 Wonder Weapon

Proceed to take all three parts to the lab where you’ll find the machine in the above picture to create the KT-4 Wonder Weapon. Once the lab finishes mixing the pieces together it will create the KT-4 that you can grab off the shelf.

How To Upgrade The KT-4 Into the Masamune

Before doing anything, you’ll need to complete all the main challenges and acquire the shield. You’ll need to head to the altar with the four skulls and wait for the lightning to strike the altar’s platform. When the lightning strikes the platform take out your shield and run through it with your shield out to get it charged with lightning.

Proceed to “Lab B” and use the electrified shield to bump the panel that activates cage and then proceed to step inside. It will take you all the way down to a secret area with glowing blue lights, and you’ll need to grab the item off the skeleton when you reach the bottom.

The next part requires going to Lab ‘A’ and head down into the cave with the Spider-Boss. Proceed to kill the boss by shooting it in the face until it dies; specifically wait for its mouth to start glowing and then shoot it in the mouth with a bullet blowjob.

Go to the dead Spider-Boss and get the Widow’s Wine by pressing the ‘X’ on Xbox One or Square on the PS4. Head back to the Bunker and head through the pipe and you’ll need to pick up some Rainbow Water. It’s not easy to get the Rainbow Water but you will need to grab it at just the right time. In order to see where you need to grab the Rainbow Water, check out the 6 minute mark in the video below so you’ll know where the location is.

From there, head back into the Bunker and proceed down into the watery cavern where you got the plant to make the KT-4 Wonder Weapon.

When you get to the part where the plant was, proceed to take out your Skull of Nan Sapwe (the guide on how to get it is just below this section) and then use the left-trigger to open the secret wall. There’s a station where you can plant a seed; proceed to plant the seed and use the Rainbow Water on the plant.

Proceed to do another zombie round after you come out of the cavern and fight your way out. When the round finishes head back into the cavern and water the plant. Exit the cavern and fight your way out, finish yet another zombie round and then head back into the cavern to water the plant with the Rainbow Water.

After that last round head back into the cavern to grab the fully grown plant and head to the lab where you first built the KT-4 Wonder Weapon. Head over to the upgrade station and place the KT-4 Wonder Weapon on the workstation and then activate the workstation. This will upgrade the KT-4 Wonder Weapon and turn it into the KT-4 Masamune.

How To Get The Skull Of Nan Sapwe

The Skull of Nan Sapwe is an interesting weapon, which allows you to use two different types of attacks. The left trigger allows you to “mesmerize” zombies and spiders and it instantly stops all zombies in the area, making them stand still. The right trigger can be used to blow up anything that’s mesmerized.

Take two rights out of the spawn and take that path all the way to the vine door. You will need to follow the path to the altar location. The altar contains four skulls that can be picked up and placed at different spots on the altar.

The skull with the two vertical fast-forward buttons on its forehead goes on the altar with the matching symbol. In the video below, you’ll see where the skull is supposed to be placed – it’s outdoors just a short ways away from the altar.

You will need to protect the skull from the green zombies who will try to attack the skull. Grab the cleaned skull and place it back on the altar so it gloes with the blue eyes.

The skull with the three ‘V’ symbols and three vertical fast-forward symbols is a ways away from the altar. The video above directs you on which path to take as you move through the jungle toward the altar location with the same apothecary symbols.

The next skull you’ll need to cleanse is the one with the two triangular symbols at the bottom of the forehead, a fast-forward button in between the two triangular symbols, two fast-forward buttons at the top of the skull and a triangular symbol in between the two upper fast-forward buttons. You’ll need to travel up to the power station with the zipline and bring the skull to the altar.

The final skull has to be taken to the bunker. Head to the very back of the bunker and then head down to the weapons facility lab area where the KT-4 can be crafted. You’ll find the altar right near the KT-4 crafting station, it has two vertical fast-forward buttons and a single triangle at the bottom.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - Image14

After you place all four cleaned skulls on the altar a new doorway will open up. You will need to activate the Skull of Nan Sapwe and kill all the keepers to use their souls to power-up the skull after it’s been activated, and once you kill all the keepers and you hear a chime, you can then grab the skull!

How To Defeat The Spider Boss

If you made it far enough where you’re ready to face off against the Spider-Boss, there’s also a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 guide for that as well.

You’ll find the Spider-Boss in the lair through the tunnel that leads underground. You’ll simply need to shoot the boss in the face to kill it. It doesn’t have a particularly difficult pattern to learn and no skills to master like Dark Souls III. Just keep shooting it it in the face until it dies. You can check out the video below to see where you need to go and how to defeat it.

It’s not a difficult boss by a long shot, and anyone looking to blast through won’t have a hard time doing so. The only thing to watch out for are some small stray spiders who might nip at your heels while you take down the big, bad, ugly mother queen.

Zetsubou No Shima Easter Eggs

In addition to all the other stuff, there are a series of videos covering some of the other Easter Eggs present in the Zetsubou No Shima map.

There’s some additional Easter Egg gameplay walkthroughs available that you can check out below.

However, if you want to find out how to do the Zetsubou No Shima solo, and discover the route and process for uncovering the game’s secret, hidden ending, there’s a step-by-step process you can go through below.

How To Unlock Zetsubou No Shima’s Easter Egg Ending

You need the “Anywhere But Here” Gobblegum, otherwise you won’t be able to complete the Easter Egg without it. You will need to check each of the three challenges in the map. And you will need to complete these challenges before you fight the final boss. These three changes will change every time you play the map.

One thing that you have to do regardless, is getting the Skull of Nan Sapwe and you need to get the KT-4 Wonder Weapon. You’ll also need to get into the room within the Bunker where the purple water is. You’ll need to hold down the left-trigger to charge the Skull of Nan Sapwe where the water is and a poster will appear on the wall. This is where the official Easter Egg begins. You’ll see which room you need to perform this in with the video below at around the 3:00 minute mark.

So after the poster appears, your next step is to reveal the elevator room. Head into the bunker and on the left side of the room there’s a wall. Hold the Skull at the wall to reveal a secret door. Before you can utilize the secret elevator you will need to repair it; three items will spawn around the map that will require you to repair it, but before that you’ll need to upgrade your KT-4 into the Masamune.

After you upgrade the KT-4 into the Masamune you’ll need to get the first cog, but first you’ll need to electrify your zombie shield, do this by bringing it out after the lightning strikes the altar that has the four skulls around it. Bring the electrified shield to the base of the zipline. Now it’s important to use the electrified shield on the zipline panel and when you ride it make sure you press all your face buttons to get off the zipline while you land onto a platform by the docks that has one of the cog parts.

The next step is to use the “Anywhere But Here” Gobblegum to teleport into a secret room and it will take you to the room with the second cog. Take the cog and get out.

For the final cog, you will need to plant a seed at each of the plant locations and get blue water. You will need to water it and then shoot the plants once with the upgraded KT-4 Masamune for each round for three rounds.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Image16

If you do it correctly, one of the plants will breed a giant AA bullet. Grab the bullet.

Proceed to the giant AA gun inside the bunker. Load the AA bullet into the gun. You will need to wait for the giant plane to fly in and wait for the plane to line up with the sights and then fire the AA gun to blow it up.

One of the pieces will drop on the ground, it will fall at various points so listen closely where it may land and then search that area for the final cog.

Once you get the final piece head back to the secret elevator through the Bunker wall and repair it. Proceed to take the elevator down the final floor. You need to use the KT-4 Masamune to destroy the limbs. You can only destroy the boss with the Masamune. After completing the final boss you will get the special ending cut-scene featuring the fate of Takeo Masaki.

If you don’t mind spoilers, you can watch the final ending below featuring Takeo and his uneventful turn into a tortured, zombie tree monster.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3‘s latest Eclipse DLC is available right now along with the new Zetsubou No Shima zombies map for the PS4, with the Xbox One and PC versions currently available right now.

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