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We Happy Few Early Access Walkthrough

Compulsion Games recently released the procedural adventure game We Happy Few into Early Access for PC and in the Game Preview program for the Xbox One. The game is oftentimes compared to Irrational Games’ BioShock, and you can see it for yourself with the Early Access walkthrough below.

YouTuber Nukem Dukem did a video walkthrough of the first hour of the Early Access of We Happy Few and you can check it out below.

In the early part of the game, you’ll have to not take the Joy pills if you actually want to play the game. You then have to go through the process of approving or censoring news items before taking the power cell and leaving the room.

The Early Access only allows you to play as one of the three story characters, Arthur Hastings. As you move through the facility you can head into the other offices and send the other newspaper clippings through the tube if you want.

The game actually seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Terry Gilliam’s dystopian bureaucracy, Brazil.

After the pinata segment there’s a brief gameplay segment and a cut-scene where Arthur attempts to get away but gets caught by the Downer Police. They bring him into an underground safe house outside of the city.

You can scrounge through a few items and take Mrs. Stokes with you after she hanged herself. You’ll find caltrops and a few other items in the cabinets near the exit, along with some other craftable items, such as a lockpick to get into the maintenance locker.

One of the objectives is to dispose of Mrs. Stokes body but you can actually escape from the safe house without having to actually dispose of the body.

You can make healing balm from the petals from the flowers just on the right side of the water pump once you get outside of the safe house.

When it gets late out, you’ll need to head back to the safe house to sleep for a little bit in order to revive your stamina. You can sleep by heading to the cot inside the underground safe house where you can rest for a set amount of time.

We Happy Few

Now in order to escape you’ll need to get over the bridge and this can be done in a couple of different ways. One of the ways is to use the passcode. Alternatively there’s a way to get through another area but you’ll need to give a guy some bees. The third route is through the quarantine area.

Depending on your game you might find the bee hut marked on the map below, but given the procedural generation it’s likely not to be there. However, the bees trees is usually in a center, unoccupied square away from other points of interest. So if you can still check your own map and look for a square within the starting level that doesn’t have any icons nearby to see if a bees tree is there.

We Happy Few

Once you locate the bees tree you’ll need to craft a padded suit in order to get close to them.

You’ll need 4 tough linen, 3 cloth and 2 sewing kits to make the padded suit. Once you make the suit you can then take the honey from the bees tree to complete the quest.

Youtuber CohhCarnage has a video showing how to craft the suit and get your hands on the honey from the bees trees in the video below.

Once you get through the toll gate you can climb up top and knock out the guy inside and keep the gate open so you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can also steal back the honey you gave him.

Another alternative to getting out of the city is through Lud’s Bridge, where you need to fix a pump valve to get through the area.

You can find the pipe valve by fixing the broken water pump, which may have a few Downers banging away at the pump. You’ll have to dispose of the Downers, fix the pump and then get the pipe valve. One thing to consider is that the water pumps – while they may change with each game – are usually located on the outer edges of the street. So while the map below may not be exactly where the broken water pump is, check the outer edges of the streets to see if it’s there.

We Happy Few

Bring the valve Lud’s Bridge and place it into the door controls. You’ll then need to repair the power source.

Once you reactivate the power you can proceed through. There will be some people down below inside the power station and if they attack you, you might end up with the plague. Be sure to have enough supplies on hand to administer a phenocycline syringe shot if you find yourself doused with a dose of the plague.

After you get through the bridge area you’ll be in Lud’s Holm, as demonstrated by ChristopherOdd in the video below.

One of the side-quests before getting to Wellington Wells is to help a couple get through the bridge with the guard on it. They need two proper suits, of which you would need two torn suits. You can find the torn suits in their suit case by the husband and you can then upgrade them with a sewing kit and some ingredients into proper suits. You’ll also need two sunshine pills, which can be made with 2 rotten mushrooms, 1 flour bag and 1 neximide pill.

The video below covers crafting chemicals as well as attempting to complete some of the more difficult quests.

The Cult of Jack quest will require a power cell to turn on the television so you can get inside each of the houses and loot them. There’s only a lot of basic supplies and equipment in the houses. Turning on the television will lure everyone to the center of square where they’ll watch the TV and allow you to loot their houses. There’s nothing particularly special in the chests but you can see what’s inside courtesy of the video below.

Another way to get into Wellington Wells is to get get a constable’s keycard. You’ll find this through the Lud’s Holm at a police sanctuary. You might find it out in the middle of a field near the Mystery House. On the map the Mystery House is in a large acre away from the other houses, so on your map if you see a large spot that’s not squared in on the map, the police sanctuary and Mystery House should be there.

Once you get the constable’s keycard you can travel into Wellington Wells. You will need Joy if you want to fit in, otherwise the people will be suspicious of you and the cops will come after you.

You can barter for some equipment at general shops to get better threads or crafting equipment.

The cops are extremely tough, so avoid getting into fights with them at all costs.

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