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1423020cookie-checkHere’s How To Duplicate Infinite Resources In No Man’s Sky 2020
11 August 2016
2 min read

Here’s How To Duplicate Infinite Resources In No Man’s Sky 2020

If you are one of those people who likes to glitch a game to get whatever it is you want quicker, then this new infinite resource glitch in No Man’s Sky will help you out greatly. No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4 and will hit PC soon.

As expected, No Man’s Sky has a duplication glitch that works on any resource in the game. This means while you are scavenging around you will be able to duplicate infinite amounts of whatever item it is that you need, without venturing forth to search for more.

Here’s how it works, collect and fill your suit inventory and then follow that up by saving your game. Roam around a planet and get wrecked by some alien species, or by some sort of conflict and die. After your death reloads your Previous game and not your Current game. Head back to where you died and your grave should return all of your resources.

If that seems like too much to remember, here is a bulleted list to look over :

Step 1: Collect resources and fill your suit inventory with whatever item it is you're after

Step 2: Save the game to make sure that you have a current and previous game. In this case, you will want to load your previous game after your death

Step 3: Roam around a planet and die to something

Step 4: Respawn and load your Previous game so that you come back with your stuff, while the grave site returns your previous items so that they are duplicated.

Those who are familiar with Fallout 4 glitches will remember Hey I’m Starlord, who now covers glitches in No Man’s Sky. His guide video is a visual version of the above and can be seen below, thanks to his YouTube channel.

There’s another video showing how to do the glitch in case you are skeptical of the resource glitch. The other new video below comes in by bK – The Laid Black Gamer. One thing I should note before showing the video below, you may have to turn the sound up some due to the low volume in the video.

If this glitch stops working it is most likely that the devs patched this. No Man’s Sky is out for PS4, and will soon be available for PC on August 12th.

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