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Total War Three Kingdoms Cheats Add Unlimited Supplies, Morale, XP, And Skill Points

Are you unsatisfied with Total War Three Kingdoms? Do you need to cheat right now to be fulfilled? If so, a big heap of cheat trainers is available to pick up for PC that offers unlimited supplies, morale, XP, and skill points.

Without wasting any time, you can pick up 20 trainers for the latest Total War Three Kingdoms. As of course, the list of cheats allows you to do just about anything in the tactical strategy sim:

Unlimited Battle Ammo

Unlimited Credibility / Population/ Reservers / Food

Unlimited Unit Movement

Set Traits Value

One Turn Building Construction

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You can grab these Total War Three Kingdoms cheats if you feel the need to do your dirty work in peace by hitting up

As an alternative, another website has a list of Total War Three Kingdoms cheats, too. Sitting in at half of 20 lies the following trainers:



Recover Troops Size

Weak Enemy

Fast construction

You can download these cheats by paying a visit.

And lastly, another batch of Total War Three Kingdoms cheats is up for your idle pleasure. These trainers are much like the ones above but from another website:

Unlimited Movement

Unlimited Military Supplies

Unlimited Town Population

Unlimited Reserves

Unlimited Money

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You can take them all by moseying over to

Total War: Three Kingdoms takes the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms concept and translates it into Creative Assembly’s iconic RTS formula. Players can take command of 12 recognizable warlords from the era and battle across multiple maps that span the likes of deserts, snow-caps, and jungles. One key focus of the game is on inter-personal relationships, not unlike Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series. This helps elevate the game to the next level by separating it from the previous Total War outings with something completely new and original.

Apparently, the departure from the same old formula turned out to be quite popular with the fans due to the user ratings being quite high.

Sega and Creative Assembly’s real-time strategy game, Total War: Three Kingdoms, is out now for PC and is available to pick up on Steam for $59.99.

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