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Song Of Horror Episode 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Protocol Games and Raiser Games’ Song of Horror is a very unique survival-horror experience insofar that it’s actually a competently made game with proper horror elements, great graphics, and a proper Lovecraftian experience that isn’t bogged down in unnecessary trifles. In a way,it’s a rare game that puts quality and immersion over pointless spectacles and marketing spiel to sell a half-baked idea. For those of you who picked up the game and are currently trying to make your way through the second episode, there is a walkthrough guide available for Song of Horror Episode 2.

Youtuber CJUGames has been chronicling a series of videos covering each episode of Song of Horror Episode 2 being featured in the video series below.

Keep in mind that depending on who you played (or who died) in Episode 1, will determine who appears in the cutscene at the beginning of Episode 2.

You’ll have the choice of playing as the survivors from Episode 1, as well as two new characters, Rene and Erica.

The second episode focuses on the antique shop.

At the start of the episode go over to the flower pots on the sill and examine them to find the key to the antique shop.

Use the thick key to open the front door.

Song of Horror Episode 2 - Erica

Eerily Quiet

Examine the letter on the counter, as well as the device next to the register, and the wizard in the box.

Take the hanger off the coat rack.

Go into the door that leads to the storage and read the letter from Sebastian Husher.

Exit the storage room and make your way around the back way of the room and you can head into the bathroom.

You’ll find an empty spray bottle in the sink.

Exit the bathroom. There’s an “Exit” door. Use the hanger as a pick-lock to open the door.

The doors to the flats are all locked, but the fire exit is open.

Check the trash bin and there’s a silver Coltar token located inside the rubbish.

Song of Horror Episode 2 - To The Basement

Head around the courtyard and there’s a small item that you can attempt to grab that falls through the cracks to the basement below.

Go into the open door and attempt to activate the elevator. It will crash below.

Keep going and there’s an end of shift report you can read.

At the reception desk there’s a set of keys but you won’t be able to get them at the moment.

Head back to the front of the shop and you can examine the security feed to front of the gallery and the feed will spot a monster.

Use the silver Coltar coin on the fortune teller machine and a small ball with a message inside.

Head downstairs into the basement and take the refrigerator ornament to Taluka Lake. There’s a magnet on the ornament that you can combine with the hanger.

Exit the shop through the courtyard and go back through the hall toward the reception desk and use the hanger and magnet to acquire the doorman’s keys.

Use the keys to enter into the security room. You can read the daytime shift report.

If you go through the door Erica will end up in a dirty room from a mental asylum. Look through the cell door and the monster will be on the other side. It will warp and Erica will be in a hallway.

Go into the next room and you’ll find a crank handle. Take it.

Go into the bathroom and take the peroxide.

You can head back to the basement and toward the storage rooms in the creepy hallway.

There’s an adjustable wrench inside the generator room.

Go over and grab the wrinkled piece of paper out of the waste paper bin.

Proceed to the front of the antique shop and use the crank handle on the device by the register. This will allow you access to the gallery. Go upstairs and examine the cases with the special lock on it. Use the wrench on the lock to open the case and take the copper key inside.

You can also examine the other locked storage rooms through the exit door.

Use the doorman’s keys to unlock the doors.

You can also access the interior flats through the courtyard.

There’s a cassette player on the radiator in the first hall.

There’s also a note on Isaac’s door from Erica. You’ll need another key to access the flat, though.

Go back to the gallery after reading Erica’s note. Go over to the case with the lock on it. The code to open the lock is: 85E2B0

You’ll acquire a cylinder box puzzle from the case. Examine the puzzle and Erica will discover that the lid from the puzzle is missing.

Go back to the interior flats and go to Flat A. Use the copper key on the door to open the door.

Song of Horror Episode 2 - Flat A

Inside the flat, the door to the right will lead you to a hall. Go into the first door and the cap to the cylinder box puzzle is on the lowboy desk inside the bedroom.

Combine the cap with the cylinder box puzzle and complete the puzzle to open the cylinder to reveal the keys to Erica’s flat.

There’s also another cassette player inside the room. Listen to it.

If the darkness attacks you, go hide in the armoire inside Isaac’s bedroom.

Go into the living room and unplug the UV lamp from the wall and then take the UV lamp.

Go into the kitchen and take the box of dead cockroaches as well as the letter from Isaac about the keys.

Exit the apartment, and go to Block 4 where Erica’s flat is located. Use the Cthulhu keys to enter into the block.

Go up the first flight of stairs and use the wrench on the broken window handle to open the window and get into the tool shed.

There’s an old-school torch (flashlight) on the workbench. Take it and combine it with the UV light bulb.

Combine the UV bulb with the torch handle to make a UV torch lamp.

Head up to Floor 3, Flat C to access Erica’s apartment.

Song of Horror Episode 2 - Erica's Apartment

A sheet for a mixture can be found on the desk just inside the front door.

Go into Erica’s study.

Place the cockroaches in the glass case with the spider and grab the gold token.

Go into the kitchen and search the pile of clothes next to the refrigerator. There’s a small key in the pile of clothes that you can use for the bathroom cabinet.

Take the bottle of Luminol out of the bathroom cabinet.

Before leaving you’ll need the keys for the storage rooms.

The three keys to the storage room you need is the third key from the left, the first key on the third row to the left, and the fourth key from the bottom row on the right.

If you need help understanding which keys you need, it’s the small silver key, the long gold key, and the short key with the green handle.


Make your way back to the interior flats and go into Isaac’s flat. Go into the darkroom and complete the puzzle.

Be sure to examine the bottle of Luminol, which reveals it is 150mg.

So the puzzle should be that bottle ‘A’ is set at 225, bottle ‘C’ is set at 100, and bottle ‘D’ should be set at 200. For bottle ‘B’, listen for the four bubbles after turning the nozzle. The dark room mixture for each of the bottles should look the way they do in the picture below.

Song of Horror Episode 2 - Mixture Puzzle

If you did the dark room puzzle correctly and solved it, you should see the mixture turn blue when you press ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller or Square on the PS4 DualShock to check to see if the mixture is right proper.

Once you solve the mixture puzzle use the spray bottle you got from the bathroom sink to fill it up with the mixture you made.

Go back to the front of the antique shop and you can use the Coltar token you collected to get another message. Additionally, there’s another bronze Coltar token inside the mouth of the samurai statue that you can retrieve as well. Use it on the machine to get a third message.

Once you’re finished, go into the basement and you’ll find a fourth Coltar token, which is a platinum coin, inside the room with the water and energy meters.

On the opposite end of the hall from the energy meter room is the room that leads to the storage facility where the music box is located.

Song of Horror Episode 2 - They Come From The Halls

When you go into the hall leading toward the storage rooms, the character will automatically equip the UV light.

Use the spray bottle by tapping on the right trigger to reveal the trail of bloodstains.

Follow the bloody trail throughout the storage areas.

Now keep in mind that the Darkness will be roaming around in the halls.

When you hear or encounter the darkness, quickly run into one of the rooms and wait for the Darkness to pass.

You’ll be able to hear when the Darkness comes close or when it passes by.

The trick to following the blood trail is that it will end at the locked gates.

Move around the halls to get to the other side of the gates.

Follow the trail to the door that leads to a room with a wardrobe that has ancient markings on it.

Song of Horror Episode 2 - Cthulhu's Wardrobe

Listen to the cassette tape and exit the room and run out of the storage facility and out of the basement.

You can also exchange the final token for Coltar’s gold tooth.

Head back to Isaac’s flat.

Go through the door and the character will use the crowbar to open the door.

A cinematic will play to round out the episode.

Lastly, if you want to continue to play the next episode of Song of Horror, we also have walkthrough both Episode 1 and Episode 3 to help you finish the game easily. Have Fun!!

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