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Quantum Break Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break happens to be one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. Now that it’s available on the Xbox One and Windows 10, a lot of gamers are looking to find out how to get through some segments, how to defeat some bosses and find a few secrets along the way. Well, there are some walkthrough guides available.

YouTuber Tetra Ninja has a multi-video walkthrough covering Quantum Break’s story, gameplay and the live-action videos interspersed in between. You can check out the walkthrough below.

Quantum Break clocks in at a little over eight hours on average, so it’s a decent length single-player title. Then again, a lot of that time goes toward the extremely lengthy television-style live-action episodes sprinkled in between the sometimes sparse gameplay segments.

Majority of the first episode is just learning the basic controls, the platforming and the shooting. The game doesn’t really start until the Drydocks stage. All before that moment there’s a lot of live-action footage.

After killing some of the Monarch guys and turning on the power to the elevator – the generator is on the right side of the warehouse – you’ll need to head across the building and slip through the window.

Depending on the choice you make as Paul Serene in the previous episode will determine if Amy or Nick survives in the Drydock stage.

For the gate puzzle simply press the button to open the gate and use the time stop on the gate itself to keep it in place.

From there you’ll have to climb up the yellow ramp on the train cart and run all the way over to the bridge and then move over to the rooftops. When the platforms fall, climb back up, rewind time, time stop the aluminum sheets and run across the overhang.

From there it’s a basic linear pathway to the next battle sequence.

In the warehouse there’s more guys to take out. The heavies can be fairly difficult, so use the new blast charge to slow him down or use the time stop to freeze him briefly while pumping him full of lead.

Follow Nick or Amy’s direction’s through the warehouse. Everything is laid out very obvious with yellow highlights literally showing you where to go and how to get there.

After clearing out so many of the guys in the harvesting room, in order to get up to the other side of the building you’ll need to shoot down the metal sheets, stand on top of them and use the time reversal feature to get up tot he platform. You can follow the pathway to a small room in the floor with some extra chronon points.

Quantum Break - Image14

After heading outside there are a few more heavily armored soldiers to take out before engaging with some more troops lined throughout the Drydocks.

After the jeep bursts through the fence you’ll face off against the Stutter Troops. They’re not that difficult and will simply require blasting them to the face with a shotgun.

From there it turns into a walking simulator where you just walk through and listen to some dialogue and watch some sequences. If you want, the mini-map will direct you to Chronon so you can upgrade your abilities.

The next segment is a series of platforming exercises. The pathway linearly guides you through where you’re supposed to go. It’ just a standard sequence of timed platforming.

The next level starts with Jack having to find a way into the swimming facility. You have to get in through the side after looking at an echo. You can climb up a dumpster onto the roof to get inside.

Quantum Break

Once inside there are a few diaries, tapes and Chronon sources to uncover.

After some more talking and walking, the trio ends up into the time machine room that requires resetting the core.

The core resetting is pretty simple and only requires walking around and press ‘Y’ on a few computers.

There’s a Chronon source in a room behind the objects after the corridor is activated.

After more talking the game heads into another long cut-scene where it eventually leads into players taking control of Paul Serene where players are given the choice to either handle Jack personally or follow through with the business decision. The personal route sees Paul and Jack having a conversation where-as the business route sees Martin Hatch dealing with Jack.

After making the choice, another live-action cinematic commences.

Quantum Break - Time Rush

When the game finally lets you play again, you’ll learn the Time Rush to slow down time to bullet time while moving around. Use the Time Rush to get past the turret as well as to rebuild the bridge and the World War II cannon and crossing them before the time breaks down again.

After getting to the top of the station there’s a secret elevator that takes Jack down to a secret Bond lair. No joke, it’s a secret lair.

During a prolonged time stutter it’s possible to grab some Chronon before heading to a lab where a prototype Monarch Juggernaut is being built. In order to defeat the Juggernaut you have to shoot the time device on his back, which requires constantly running away from him until your Time Rush ability is charged and you can get to his back and shoot the device.

After defeating the Juggernaut, there’s a crane device you’ll need to pull down on the south end of the room. Climb up top and it’ll take you to the upper area.

Make your way to the garage to take out more of the Monarch soldiers. There are a lot of them so if you have the multi-enemy takedown with the Time Rush, it’s best to use that for small guys in a clutter.

After getting outside there’s a time dampener so you’ll need to take it out. It’s guarded by several security so you’ll need to exercise a bit of caution when getting close to the dampener.

Take out a few of the guards and then proceed to pull the truck out from the gate and head up to the roof of the guard tower to leap onto the top of the truck.

Quantum Break - Image18

Follow the pathway through the gala and grab some of the Chronon on the stage before interacting with Beth to trigger another cinematic sequence.

After the cinematic players need to take out more of the Monarch soldiers and activate the button on the laptops so the boat can make a get away.

After you take out the rest of the soldiers yet another lengthy cinematic will play based on the decision you make as Paul Serene, either siding with Sofia Amaral or Martin Hatch.

There’s another half hour live-action cinematic where Liam Burke goes Jack Bauer on some Monarch boys and Paul and Martin have a serious rift in their relationship.

After the cinematic players are put back in charge of Jack as he scales rooftops and attempts to find a way to get to the docks under the bridge.

After taking out more of Monarch’s men because a loud-mouth college student gave up Jack’s position, head up to the bridge and there’s another boss fight with the prototype Juggernaut. Take out the minions and then use the speed to get around to his back to take out his power supply.

From there move up to the top of the bridge to get across the chaos happening down below. At the very top of the bridge, however, there are some Chronan you might want to grab before moving forward.

There’s a completely alternate playthrough provided by MKIceandFire if you wanted to see how they rolled through the game from start to finish. You can check that out below.

The highlight in the walkthrough above is that there is no commentary, so if you wanted to just get through the whole thing with some help and hints for Quantum Break without hearing anyone talking over the gameplay, you can check out the video playlist above.

After the brief platforming segment involving the cargo ship blasting through the bridge, you’ll be treated to yet another cinematic, which is a staple throughout most of the game’s play time. There’s a walking around segment involving more talking before yet another cinematic sequence initiates.

Quantum Break is available right now for the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. You can either pick a copy from your local retailer or grab one from participating digital distribution platforms… which is the Windows Store or the Xbox Store.

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