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26 June 2016

The Solus Project Gameplay Walkthrough

Grip Digital and Teotl Studios’ The Solus Project has been one of those slow-burn adventure games that keeps building an audience over time due to interest in the lore and the world building presentation. For gamers who need help with the puzzles and getting through some of the more difficult segments of the game, there are some hints, tips and guided walkthroughs available to help you out for The Solus Project, which is available for the Xbox One and PC.

YouTuber Nokzen has a complete gameplay walkthrough for The Solus Project spanning 32 videos. The game isn’t exceptionally long but it’s long enough to satiate the thirst for those looking for a decent, puzzle-oriented, survival adventure game. You can check out the video walkthrough guide below.

The start of the game sees you, the player, as the only survivor of the Solus Project, a mission put together to find a new planet for humans to colonize. After waking up from the crash and escaping the drop pod, you’ll need to pick up the scanner and go through the standard tutorial-style parts where they explain that it’s important to find food, shelter and warmth, the game will task you with attempting to find a way to create or acquire a transmitter.

The game will visually guide you through the early goins of the game to examine, pick up and acquire all the basic materials you’ll need in order to start a fire and get warm. Simply follow the waypoints labeled as “Forward Vector” to acquire items, make items and get warm.

After using the pipe with weeds on the oil tank and creating a torch by putting it near the thrusters, you’ll need to find water. If you scavenged the water bottles from the wreckage, you can drink the water when your water level gets too low.

Additionally, if you head inside a cave and find dribbling water, you can use the dribbling water to rehydrate. In this rare case, following the sound of dribbling water will actually help save your life.

If you continue to explore the surrounding beach area you’ll encounter more of the wreckage and additional supplies. You’ll also happen upon an artifact after you go through the fuselage in order to increase your attributes.

You’ll need the teleportation device before you can proceed further. If you head back to the beach additional supplies will plummet from the sky, including a canister that contains the teleportation device.

You can then proceed deeper into the caves and follow the waypoint through the cave to the other side where a tornado will cause some damage just outside the cave. Wait for the storm to pass before heading out of the cave.

When the temperature drops and the AI warns you that you’re cold and wet, it’s best to get inside a cave and start a fire using weeds you can cut down with a sharp rock. After placing the weeds on the ground, use the torch to ignite the weeds to create a small camp fire. Staying near a fire while indoors will raise your temperature.

Keep in mind that a large portion of the early goings of the game will be focusing on the survival aspects.

For areas that seem difficult to reach you can use the teleportation device to get through those areas to further explore the planet.

Things don’t really begin to pick up until four and a half videos into the walkthrough. At that point you’ll venture further into the planet through the cave system where you’ll find plenty of artifacts that increase your character’s attributes. You’ll also begin to find more alien artifacts that reveal more about the culture of the inhabitants that were on the planet.

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