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17 September 2016

Event[0] Gameplay Walkthrough

The game Event[0] by developers Ocelot Society started as a student project and evolved into a full-blown, fully featured game that’s currently available for purchase over on Steam. It’s not a typical title, though, as it relies a lot on player ingenuity and creativity. If you find yourself getting stuck there’s a walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber Nokzen put together a four video playlist for the short but poignant 3D adventure game built on the Unity 3D game engine. Event[0] looks gorgeous and has a very interesting set of play mechanics. You can check out the full playlist below.

At the start of the game you’ll have the option of picking and choosing where you start, your gender and your starting location. Depending on the choices you make can alter how the game plays out.

The first thing you do when you finally start playing the game is head to a terminal and put in your name. You’ll then need to interact with Kaizen and ask him to “open the door”. Kaizen will open doors this way for you. Proceed to say “thank you” when Kaizen does things for you.

You’ll need to ask Kaizen to open the door in the lounge, but after opening the door the door will then close and Kaizen will instruct you to find the Drive and destroy it.

You’ll need to head to the bedroom of Dr. Nandi. You’ll find it on the cover of the album inside her room. In order to get into the room you’ll need to activate the file in the terminal and enter memory address: 0x0000884E

Executing the address will allow you to open the door. Once inside, you can rummage around but you’ll then be sucked out into space. You’ll need to head down to the terminal on the outside of the Nautilus and prove that you are who you say you are. Kaizen will ask a series of simple questions, simply answer them and the door will open.

When you get into the garden you can use the terminal to access the logs. The last log contains some music notes. Insert the music notes and Kaizen will inform you that they can be used in the piano to access the antenna.


Have Kaizen bring down the elevator and proceed to head upstairs to the living room.

Activate the terminal attached to the keyboard and manually play the keyboard. You’ll need to use the terminal keys to play the same notes from the log file you viewed. The keys are: B2 E3 F3

You’ll need to get the coordinates to Anele’s window. The coordinates are: HT34DF.

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