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Hello Neighbor Gameplay Walkthrough

TinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels’ Hello Neighbor has finally launched in full. After a lot of time spent in Early Access and having various alpha iterations released, the developers managed to get the game up and out for PC and Xbox One. For those who still need a bit of help on what to do and how to do, there’s a Hello Neighbor gameplay walkthrough guide available to help put you on your way and direct you on the right path.

So YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames has a full playthrough for the various Acts, starting with Act 1. The game is only an hour and a half long, so you won’t be there for too long once you figure out what you need to do.

The game starts with a little boy kicking a ball down the street. You’ll play as the boy and race down the street to pick up the ball.

After the short cinematic, you’ll be outside.

The Neighbor will have placed the key on the end table inside the house.

Take the trash can lid and use it to distract the Neighbor.

This will vary per game because his patterns may change.

What you’ll need to do is grab a bunch of boxes and stack them up so you can climb up onto the roof and get into the second story window. You’ll find boxes and trash cans littered around the yard, oftentimes in the back.


Climb up the scaffolding located on the front porch to get into the house and into the right side room upstairs. Once inside, grab the color-coordinated keys to open the door.

For instance, yellow keys open yellow locks, and red keys open red locks.

If you pay close attention to where your Neighbor placed the basement key, you’ll be able to get to it fairly easy.

In this case, the basement key was placed on the table on the second floor. So it was possible to get to it by using the roof shingles and breaking the window with a trash can. Once the key was acquired it was just a matter of heading heading back into the house while the Neighbor is distracted in order to get into the basement.

Now you can also open the car trunk if you also get the right key from the key rack and grab the magnet from the back of the trunk.

Inside the house, use the basement key to open the door to head into the next segment.

Grab the basketball and break the window and jump through the window. Use the power switch to lift the gate so you can head into the next series of hallways.

Head down the hallway and flip the lever on the wall. You’ll also need to remove the chairs from the doors to go inside.

Move through the hallways through the dark rooms until you get to a room with a green switch. Press the switch.

Move around the corner of the room to get to the door with the lever next to it where the gate is over the door. Press the lever to raise the gate and enter the door. The Neighbor will burst in and give chase. Race toward the end of the wooden corridor until you reach the padlocked doors and he will catch you and put you in a room.



Run around the room until you hear somethings fall over. The door will eventually open and you can run out.

Follow the pathway across to the vent and then climb up the ladder to escape from the basement.

When you get outside and you’re in the backyard, go around to the side of the house and climb up the ladder. There’s a trampoline there. You can stack the boxes located around the yard to climb up and jump over the barricade to get to the trampoline. Keep jumping in the center of the trampoline until you can jump over the barricade and escape from the Neighbor’s yard. He won’t be happy, though.

Hello Neighbor - The Escape

You’ll fast forward to the future where the boy grows into a man and is living in an apartment. Run around the apartment, turn on the radio, turn off the radio, and then read the letter to trigger the cinematic.

The boy will move back to the neighbor and you’ll need to open the trunk, take the key out, use it to open the front door and go inside. After you move around a short while the phone will ring. Go pick it up to trigger another cinematic sequence.


The boy, who is now a young man, will wake up and hear some screaming.

The Neighbor can be seen from across the street.

Take some plates from the kitchen and run around to the back of the house. Throw one of the plates at the switch inside the open vent compartment.

Unlike before, this time the Neighbor doesn’t just run out of the house after you, he uses the flashlight and snoops around first. You’ll need to make your way inside the house, and then grab the water can.

Head upstairs into the room where there’s a switch located behind a grate. Use the water can to glitch the can into the grate with the switch, and it will slowly force the switch into the open position. Just outside the room a small cabinet will open with a key inside. Take it.


Head into the next room and remove the chair from the door. Open the door and take the crowbar out of the junction box.

Hop down into the living room.

Stand on the lift and take a chair and throw it at the switch while standing on the lift. If you do it successfully, the lift will carry you up into the next segment, where some basket cars are located along with some tall girder beams.

Avoid the robots with the baskets. If they spot you, duck down to avoid being captured.

Push the basket down the the railway until you get to the checkout. You’ll need a pink bottle, a bag of flour, a green jar of pickles, a cartoon of eggs and a round red jar, as indicated in the image below.

Hello Neighbor - Groceries

Once you get all of the appropriate groceries, the robot will open the gate and let you through to the next segment.

Exit through the door under the green light to make it back into the house. Turn around and take the chair back into the other room and grab the metal pal and throw it to break the window. Hop down through the holes in the floor and flip the lever and squeeze through to grab some boxes, but don’t get stuck. Go through and remove the boxes until you get the golden key. And then proceed to open the door, turn off the security power in the next room and then open the next door and grab the magnet.


Head into the next room and use the magnet to suck up the blue key and then hop down and onto the next platform just across from that room where there’s a chair blocking a door on a balcony.

Take the keys back to your house and drop them on the floor. Keep the umbrella in your inventory. Wait for at night and then go back into the neighbor’s house, this time go through the last window on the right side of the house. Move into the room with the tall ladder and go to the top.

Use the umbrella to glide down to the room where the robot is located and take the robot and the Victrola. Head into the control room and pull the lever and press the red button to activate the cart.

Take the robot and place it inside your house and then head back into the Neighbor’s house. Take the lift in the one room upstairs into the attic area where there’s a piece of cake on the floor. Take the cake. Head into the other room and take the globe on the floor. Head downstairs and place the piece of cake on the table where the other slices of cake and birthday hat is located.


Take the globe and Victrola back to your house. Place the Victrola on the floor and place the globe in your freezer. Wait a few seconds. Open the freezer and the globe will be frozen. Take the milk carton. Take the globe and place it back into the Neighbor’s room where you first got it.

Head upstairs through the tall ladder in the Neighbor’s house and one of the rooms will have ice on the floor. Use this to get to another phonograph on a shelf. It plays terrifying music.

Head back on to the train tracks and wait from the train car. You’ll need to time it so that when it’s underneath you you can hop onto the roof. Ride it up to the upper part of the house and jump off onto the roof. Head to the very top of the house and activate the phonograph that plays the terrifying music. It will shrink all the shrubbery on the roof and you can access the gear panel. Throw the carton of milk into the gear panel.


Head up to the very top of the house house and there’s another mannequin there. Take the mannequin. Glide back down to your house using the umbrella and place the mannequin in your house.

Head back to the Neighbor’s house and go back up to the room where the trolly stops and there’s a small window blocked by boxes. Remove all the boxes and go into the next room where the boiler is and there’s a small yellow/gold key on the ground. Take it.

Head to the ground floor and use the gold key to unlock the gold padlock on the door at the back of the hall on the first floor.


Go inside and there are a bunch of mannequin robots moving around rapidly.

Hide inside the lockers to avoid being caught by the robots and wait for them to sit at their desk after the bell rings to move to the next locker.

The bell tolls every few seconds so move fast.

Get to the end of the room and rapidly tap ‘A’ when the robot/mannequin attempts to grab you.

Head back outside and take the key and place it into your house.

Hello Neighbor Walkthrough

Go back into the Nieghbor’s house and move around the outside of the house until you get into a room that has a piece of cake on a plate sitting on a table.

Go into the next room and flip the lever.

Go around the hall to the room covered by junk and boxes. Move the boxes out of the way and open the door.

Head back up to the room with the trolley and glide around to the other side of the tracks with the room where the plants are growing. Use the phonograph with the scary music to wither the plants down to size. Head back up to the top of the house where the windmill is located and carefully glide down into the room with the thin window on the side of the house where there’s a slice of cake on a plate.


How To Get The Gun

Take the cake, and head back into the room just above the generator that’s located outside.

You’ll need to place the flashlight, the electric guitar, and the baseball camp on the shelves, as indicated in the photo on the room.

Take the slice of cake and place it on the plate in the kitchen where the other slices of cake are.

In total there should be four slices of cake on plates.

Now between the house there’s a section where a fast-moving platform is located. Take the platform to the corner pocket of the house and there’s another mannequin there. Take the mannequin back to your house.

Go back to the top of the house using the trolley and there’s a room just below the roof area where the plants were growing. You’ll need to break the glass and get into the room to take the mannequin.

Take all four mannequins and place them around the kitchen table along with the four slices of cake and you will be rewarded with a pellet gun after you hear some kids cheering.


You’ll need to go into the room where there are no guns allowed and get to the other side where there are several objects on the shelf. You have to shoot all the objects until they light up green.

This will open up a hatch so you can get into the small compartment room hanging in the air near the top of the house.

Climb back up to where the windmill is located and glide down into the small compartment opening located high up in the air at the front of the house. Once inside, scale your way up to the top by following the green arrows. Grab the darts on the wall and use the paper airplane to get to the other side. You’ll need to use the darts later on to climb up the ramp so you can finally escape.

Make your way back up to the trolly tracks and hop down to the part where the generator is located and turn it off. This will defrost the refrigerator. Wait for the freezer to melt and take the keycard inside.


Use the crowbar to remove the nails and planks from the basement door and then use the defrosted keycard on the slot so you can get into the basement.

Take the remote control near the television once you get inside.

Proceed through the basement area until you reach the brick wall. Pick out a brick and throw it at the rest of the bricks to break them apart.

Take the chair and the bricks and you can stick them up to use them to jump over the fence and escape.

The Neighbor will then attempt to attack you; rapidly press ‘A’ to escape from him. Run through the hall and to get to the white door.

The next segment is surreal.

You’ll be miniature. The Neighbor will destroy the miniature room you’re in. Go to your right and jump up the platforms and press the button on the generator.

Take one of the basketballs and throw it at the switch to flip it on the wall.

Head around to the back of the one destroyed area and climb up the platforms so you can get into the toaster. Use the toaster to blast your way up top and the and then use the platform to travel up the tube and flip the next light switch.

A bunch of umbrellas will come out. Take one and glide down to the destroyed red house with the cake and candles. Take one of the candles.

Use the candle to get around the environment and burn the rope on the crossbows to attack the Neighbor.

Once he’s kneeling down, use the toaster to fly back up to the top platforms, and then glide to the phonograph, and then glide to the platform, and make your way into the house located on his back.

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