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6 August 2021

Destiny 2 Online Multiplayer FPS Game Review

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer shooter game continuation of Destiny that was first released for the PlayStation 4 in 2014. Had high expectations, unfortunately, Destiny did not meet gamer satisfaction and led to a drastic decline in popularity. Bungie, who acts as the developer himself, has actually executed Destiny as a solid game. It’s just that, because Destiny only focuses on gameplay elements based on Online Shooter and a game experience that feels very repetitive, many gamers are starting to forget Destiny.

But, that doesn’t mean Bungie and Activision will just leave him in this condition. They finally tried to revive Destiny by releasing the latest version which includes a series of content updates and the latest DLC through Destiny: The Taken King. Through this additional content, Destiny finally managed to rise and finally rebuild its reputation.

This year, Bungi and Activision also announced their newest series, Destiny 2. Although it looks amazing, gamers’ curiosity and hype are not as strong as when the first series was released. And on September 6 yesterday, this game was finally officially released. The difference that is clearly visible from Destiny 2 is that the focus is no longer only on the Online Shooter mode, as well as improved graphics quality and much better gameplay.

On this occasion, we summarize the impressions we get after playing Destiny 2 so far. So what has been successfully offered by Destiny 2? And is this game better than the first series? You can see the full review below.

Destiny 2


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The focus of the main storyline of Destiny 2 is not much different from the first series, where you will still act as a Guardian who has a mission to maintain the peace of the earth. The introduction of the storyline at the beginning of the game is quite time-consuming with a series of basic tutorials that must be considered before you enter the real multiplayer mode. In Destiny 2, the storyline is structured and explained better, unlike the first series which failed to explain the background of the conflict that occurred in Destiny.

Another advantage of the storytelling of Destiny 2 is that several moments are summarized in cinematic animation quality that looks cool and can capture the story very well.

Graphics Quality and Performance

When it comes to graphic quality, there’s no doubt that Destiny 2 looks very attractive. Not only the details of the world that feel spacious and alive, but also the character designs, lighting, and special effects such as particles are also commendable.

Not only the graphics quality is amazing, but Destiny 2 also runs stably and smoothly without any performance issues such as stuttering and freezes. Some gamers who have tried it actually also experienced problems such as crashes in the game and server, but we never encountered this problem during the course of the game. The only problem that exists is the bug of enemy characters that appear suddenly or come back to life after being defeated.

Features Offered

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When you first play Destiny 2, you can choose the class of characters to be played including Warlock, Hunter, and Titan which have their own uniqueness. Original characters that have been played in the first Destiny can also be imported into this game. So, you don’t need to bother to create and strengthen characters from scratch.

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You can also access The Crucible which is a quick play multiplayer mode in this game. But it should be noted that Destiny 2 is an fps game with a bit of RPG spice in it. So, you have to make sure that the character you are playing has a high enough level to compete with other, stronger players.

To strengthen the character you are playing, you need to do grinding on the earth by defeating strong enemies and hunting for resources such as armor and stronger weapons.


Destiny 2 features shooter-focused gameplay with a few RPG elements in it. You can also say that Destiny 2 and the previous series are quite familiar with the Call of Duty and Titanfall series when viewed from the gameplay presented. However, the clear difference from Destiny 2 is that there is an ultimate skill or attack that can be used to deal with a much stronger enemy.

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The variety of skills or ultimates for each character class is certainly different. Like the Hunter character class, we tried to have the skills to use attacks with a variety of different elements. Arcstrider for example, allows our character to use an ice spear that can sweep a swarm of enemies instantly.

In addition to skills, this game also presents a world setting that can be freely explored like an open-world game. Making sure your level is high enough to be able to roam freely is also important, because while exploring the earth you can encounter a series of high-level enemies that are much stronger.

Improvements From Various Sides

As the release of the second series, it is definitely Bungie’s job to ensure Destiny 2 becomes a more superior and successful series. And the execution they show in this latest series is quite successful and promising so far. Some of the shortcomings that exist from the first series are almost covered by the variety of content offered.


Destiny 2 is the latest series that managed to revive the popularity of Destiny which had collapsed. Improvements from various sides starting from the delivery of the storyline, addictive online shooter gameplay, as well as good gameplay and graphics quality are also something that has finally been achieved successfully.

Although Destiny 2 is undoubtedly better than the previous series, there are still other shortcomings that need to be considered such as enemy bugs, crashes, and gameplay that is still familiar with Destiny. Despite these shortcomings, Destiny 2 is proof that only a good successor series can bring a faded franchise name to shine again.

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